Monday, December 11, 2006

Top 5 Tuesdays Goes Pantiless

In honor of Britney stepping out on the town and out of her panties, I decided that this Top 5 Tuesday should be about movies featuring movie stars without their undergarments on. So here it goes. There are lots out there, so I would love to hear from you all. Or as Britney would say it, ya'll.

  1. SHORTCUTS My favorite by far. Julianne Moore goes sans underwear and reserves a place in my heart forever.
  2. BASIC INSTINCT Too easy, but it has a place here.
  3. NO WAY OUT To be fair to the women folk, Kevin Costner has a scene in here where you see his butt.
  4. SLIVER Wow, Sharon Stone again? I mean, I can't believe that such a respectable actress could actually have two entries in this category. Believe it.
  5. BORAT Again, for the ladies. Borat (Sasha Baron Cohen) has quite a chunk of screen time without dem boxers. Fortunately for the dudes, there's a censor bar. A rather large censor bar.


Anonymous said...

1.Thomas Crown Affair...Renee Russo...HOT

2.Taking Lives...Angie Jolie. She can be a bit odd, but damn is she good looking!

3.Wild Things...Denise Richards AND Bonus Neve Campbell. Completely left up to the imagination.

4.Road House (in honor of you Piper) Kelly Lynch and the "money shot"

5.Leaving Las Vegas...Elizabeth Shue. Excellent story, better pictures.

garrett said...

1. Revenge of the Nerds - When I was kid I remember watching this scene (the one where Booger yells, We've got _ _ _ _!) and almost having a heart attack. It still sneaks up and embarrasses me.

2. Gia- Angelina is naked so often in this movie that after a while it’s not even surprising. She’s hot!

3. Tango & Cash- C'mon Stallone and Russell in the clink. *blush*

4. Any movie/cartoon with Donald Duck. It takes balls to walk around when your outfit consists of just a shirt and no pants. Nice work Donald, show off.

5.Natioal Lampoons Vacation, again going back to my chidhhood. Beverly D’Angelo shower scene, whoa!

bjungles said...

1. Everyone in every movie rated X.

2. Wild Things - Oh Denise, you are quite the talented actress.

3. Boogey Nights - Marky Mark. Not my personal favorite but should probably make the list.

4. Blame it on Rio - Michelle Johnson. Weird huh?

5. Waiting - That litter and nit encrusted patch of fur on the surly waitress. Thanks Pat, that image is burned into my brain.