Monday, November 26, 2007

More On The Writer's Strike

If you don't know this already, I work in advertising. Specifically on the Sonic Drive-In campaign. If you don't know the campaign, it's simple enough, two guys or a couple sitting in a car on the Sonic lot talking about Sonic's food. The guy in the driver's seat is Peter Grosz. He's a wonderful improv comedian, one hell of a writer and I'm proud to say he's a friend. In addition to starring in the Sonic commercials and several movies, he also writes for the Colbert Report.

I have to say I'm quite surprised that this strike has gone on so long. The motion picture and television producers are clearly in the wrong and there must be some really large egos involved (like I should be surprised) for this to have not been concluded on their end. But if there's one good thing to come out of this strike thus far, there's some good writing going on. Case in point is this video written by Peter and I'm sure several other Colbert Report writers and starring Peter. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...ok, let me get this straight...profit sharing for actors good....profit sharing for writers bad? Corporations bad, big bullies who are taking all of the money from the writers.....actors getting paid millions of dollars good because they are taking brownies to the picket lines. Corporations using creative accounting to show loses, yet all of these companies are public, therefore trying to exceed wall street projections of profits and revenues. If I remember Enron, Wolrdcom and the lot got in trouble for INFLATING their numbers....not deflating them. Also, there is a HUGE difference between revenues and earnings. Sorry, your argument doesn't hold water!

PIPER said...


I'm confused. What point are you making? That the writers are wrong or that big corporations are wrong? You know that this is a spoof video right? Written by writers for the Colbert Report. Or maybe the joke is on me.

TALKING MOVIEzzz said...

Piper, anything you can do about getting Sonics in the Northeast? I see the ads all the time, but there are none in the region.

My sister, on her last trip to Florida, made a point of stopping at Sonic because of the ads.

PIPER said...


Unless I form a corporation and open a bunch in the New England area msyelf, I have no power to control that stuff. I can however tell you that Sonic is doing gangbusters in Philly so that will no doubt have bearing on the spread of them along the East Coast.

Burbanked said...

Hey, Piper, I'm not sure how deeply involved you are in the Sonic campaign and strategy and whatnot, but whoever decided to advertise in the Pittsburgh area so far in advance of the stores coming here has earned my eternal respect and admiration (not that you didn't have that previously). Damn near every time I saw these spots, I'd re-Google to see how close the nearest store was and be sadder than sad that they were hours away.

I'm not proud to be happy that new fast food joints will be opening closer to my backyard, but these spots are wonderful marketing and I'll be lining up for all that crap as soon as it's convenient.

So, I guess thanks. In the short term, anyway.