Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Double Bills I'd Like To See #1: Double Your Zombies

The Broken Projector just completed the Double Bill-a-Thon a couple weeks ago and it was excellent. I had such a fun time with my entry, that I've decided to include a Double Bill each and every week. Today's Double Bill is:

Night Of The Living Dead Ringers

One night, the dead suddenly begin to walk the earth. In a house up on the hill, two zombies cross paths and discover they are long lost twin brothers. The two quickly catch up over some limbs and intestines and decide to go in to practice together as gynecologists. At first, everything goes swimmingly. But soon the two clash over their love for one of their patients. And when an investigation into their business reveals that they are indeed twin zombies, the two lose their credibility and spiral down a dark hole from which they never return.


Damian Arlyn said...

That's great, Piper. Good job. :)

I was just thinking... instead of a double-feature, how about a triple feature?


After the death of his mobster father Vito Corleone, Michael takes over as the head of the family. Things seem to be going relatively well until his daughter announces out of the blue that she's engaged to be married. While his wife (played by Diane Keaton) is ecstatic, Mike is not too thrilled about it... particularly since his future son-in-law is a large, lumbering man with green skin who hardly ever speaks and just grunts a lot.

Damian Arlyn said...

One more thing: I liked my last triple-feature idea so much that I quickly threw together this little poster for it. Enjoy. :)

PIPER said...

Nicely done Damian.