Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Double Bills I'd Like To See #2: Alien Conspiracy


The New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison creates controversy when he declares that the Kennedy Assassination was not an inside job performed by multiple gunman at all, but the work of a single man named Prot. Garrison wants Prot prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but he runs into roadblocks when Prot proves he might be mentally ill because he says that he is actually from a different planet. Dr. Mark Powell is sent in to dispel this but instead finds Prot fascinating, declaring that "we can all learn a little something from Prot." Dr. Powell is quickly fired and Garrison decides to bring the case to court but the jury becomes quickly sympathetic when Prot eats bananas with the skin still on. The case is dismissed, Jim Garrison is declared a kook and Prot is set free to wander this world until the mother ship arrives.


Damian Arlyn said...

That is funny, Piper! Good job.

You actually just got me wondering what JFK-9 would be like.

PIPER said...

K-9. Man, didn't think of that. That would be a good one.