Monday, March 31, 2008

Insert Gambling Pun Here

Saw the movie 21 last night. It was a fun movie. Good cast, good story, pretty pictures, nice soundtrack. It followed the formula quite nicely. And I'm no fan of Kate Bosworth, but I found her incredibly sexy in this movie. And if I were to write a serious review about 21, I might title it something a little like this:

I Gambled On 21 And Won.

Have A Chicken Dinner, 21 Is A Winner.

A Safe Bet (I read this one in the Kansas City Star)

No Insurance Needed.

Don't Split On 21.

Stay On 21. You'll Be Glad You Did.

21 Is No Double Downer.

What Happens In Vegas Happens In This Movie.

You Have To Be 21 To Gamble. But You Don't Have To Be 21 To Like The Movie 21.

Hey Kids, Don't Count Cards. But Count On 21.

Never Split 8s When The Dealer Is Showing A Face. Oh, And Don't Miss The Movie 21.

I Saw 21, And The MGM Grand Comped Me A Room.

It's Okay To Double Down On A Nine When The Dealer Is Showing A 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

If You Like Kate Bosworth, See 21.


Ray said...

Good Thing I'm Legal To Drink, Cause 21 Sucked.

Adam Ross said...

"What Happens In Vegas Happens In This Movie."


One last one: '21' No House of Cards Like the One in the Brady Bunch Where the Boys Challenged the Girls to Build a House of Cards to Determine How the Trading Stamps Would Be Spent.

sir jorge said...

You too?

The world has gone to idiots.

This movie was horrible

Piper said...

sir jorge,

I wouldn't consider myself an idiot for enjoying a popcorn movie.


Burbanked said...

"Always bet on black".

With fond memories of Wesley Snipes' macho days.

Piper said...

Loves me some Wesley Snipes.

Anonymous said...

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