Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Top 5 Tuesdays (T5T) Roots For The Bad Guys

Bad guys. Hissssssssss. Booooooooooo. Hisssssssssss. The badder they are the gooder they are. Boooooooooo. Hisssssssssss. And when they get their comeuppance, it's awesome because you hated them so much because they were such good bad guys. Booooooooo. Hissssssssssssss. Immortalize them even more by listing them in this weeks Top 5 Tuesdays. Give me your top 5 best bad guys. Here are mine. Hisssssss.

1. Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Iselin in The Manchurian Candidate Puppeteers don't come any nastier than this. And I always thought she was a nice old detective from Murder, She Wrote.

2. Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber in Die Hard You can change your accent Hans, but you still got those snakey scales.

3. Glen Close as Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil in Dangerous Liasons So very glorious in her awfulness. I was angry for a week when she didn't receive the Oscar for her performance.

4. Colin Friels as Louis Strack Jr. in Darkman What an asshole. I hate this asshole. The way he talks. The way he looks. I can't stand this asshole.

5. Gene Hackman as Little Bill Daggett in Unforgiven Is there any better character actor than Gene Hackman? He is always good at playing his characters on the cold side. But there is no one colder than Little Bill.

Honorable Mentions: Ben Kingsley Sexy Beast, Lawrence Olivier Marathon Man, Ralph Fiennes Schindler's List, Kevin Spacey Seven, The Grinch The Grinch Who Stole Christmans.


Marc said...

1. Kevin Spacey as Verbal Kent in The Usual Suspects.
How many people died because he was so awesome!

2. Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men.
Pure, wreckless, calculated evil.

3. Gary Oldman as Stansfield in The Professional.
Leon is just trying to get by, one job at a time. He gets mixed up with one of Stansfeild's drug deals gone bad, and ends up having to fight against the full wrath of Stansfeild's unrelenting police force. Gary Oldman makes this character 50 times creepier than it must have been on the page.

4. Douglas Rain as the voice of HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
HAL freaks me out. It's not that he's soooo bad, it's that he's soooo cold.

5. Kevin Peter Hall(?) as The Predator in Predator.
This is one of my favorite bad guys, because his motivation is, for lack of a better word, alien. You have no idea why he kicks so much ass, that must be his purpose. Leave it to sequels to explain away the coolness of a mysterious jungle killer. Even though Arnie outsmarts him toward the end, he still blows up the freakin' island!

Anonymous said...

Gordon Clapp and Kevin Tighe in Matewan. They seem over-the-top union-busting gun thugs until you see a real gun thug--Basil Collins--in Harlan County, U.S.A. As bad as these two characters were, they didn't go nearly far enough.

Hurd Hatfield in The Picture of Dorian Gray. Just look at his painting at the end. That's real evil.

Anne Baxter in All About Eve. As Addison DeWitt said, "a contempt for humanity, an inability to love or be loved, insatiable ambition." Nasty little liar, that Eve.

Sean Connery in Marnie. A control freak and rapist posing as a caregiver. Worse than James Stewart in Vertigo, particularly for being so handsome.

Scott Glenn in Urban Cowboy. Wife beater and slo-mo chewer of tequila worm, he sticks in my mind after all these years as absolutely horrendous.

Adam Ross said...

Colin Friel! Great choice, what an ugly mug, and wasn't he Dr. Giggles as well?

1. Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth

2. Angus Scrimm as The Tall Man in Phantasm ("Boyyyyy!!")

3. Gary Oldman as Stansfield in The Professional. ("Death is ... whimsical... today")

4. Robert Blake as Mystery Man in Lost Highway ("Ask me")

5. The entire Kobra Kai dojo in Karate Kid.

PIPER said...


I think you're thinking of Larry Drake who was also a good baddie.

Colin also played the asshole in Class Action. I found out he's married to Judy Davis. Man that's weird. Man, he's an asshole.

Fletch said...

I'll just say...whoever is the villain when the hero was Nic Cage.

Sean Bean in Nat'l Treasure.
Ed Harris in Nat'l Treasure 2.
Ellen Burstyn in The Wicker Man.
John Travolta in Face/Off.
Nic Cage in Face/Off.

Fox said...

1. Klaus Kinski in *Nosferatu*
2. Jason in *Freddy vs. Jason*
3. Michael Caine in *Dressed To Kill*
4. Lee Marvin in *The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance*
5. Kris Kristofferson in *Pat Garret And Billy The Kid*

Garrett Sorrels said...

1. Anton Chigurh- No Country For Old Men.

2. Barbara Covett- Notes on a Sandal
3. Steff- Pretty in Pink (Spader)
4. Marsellus Wallace- Pulp Fiction
5. Potter- Its a Wonderful Life
6. Terminator- Terminator

Anonymous said...

Nice list piper, I'll add:

1. Roy Batty - Blade Runner

2. Bill - Kill Bill

3. Tommy Diveto - Goodfellas

4. Bill "the butcher" - Gangs of New York

5. Paul Riser in Aliens... and Mad About You. So scary AND bad.

PIPER said...


Love that Angus Scrimm


Ummmm.... so Nic Cage.


Steff is awesome. Spader is creepy good.

Anonymous said...

I like your five pipes. I really do.
I might move L. Oliver from Marathon Man in top five and knock out Dark Man.

"Is it safe?"

PIPER said...

Olivier is good.

The automatic knife in the coat was good.

Anonymous said...

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