Monday, September 8, 2008

Wendy! I'm Home.

The first rule of blogging is to never follow a post about MILFs and GILFs. So I'm just going to keep this one low key.

Again, many thanks to Adam at DVD Panache and Fox at Tractor Facts. They made the time away less painful. At least for me.

So full speed tomorrow. Come back for Top 5 Tuesdays.


Adam Ross said...

I won't deny that there were times in the past couple weeks where my identity started to blur. Suddenly I was in Kansas City, and every fourth word out of my mouth was "Fandango." Things appear to be back to normal now, although I think I just got hit with a slingshot monkey.

Fletch said...

Welcome back. How was the sanitarium?

elgringo said...

That's some good news, Mr. Kotter.

Anonymous said...

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