Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some Quick Notes

A few things before the family-friendly Lazy Eye Theatre becomes the magic bullet straight from Hell known as Evil Eye Theatre.

1. On October 3rd through 5th, He Shot Cyrus is hosting the Best Post Blog-a-Thon. Submit your best post and rehash the good old days.

2. And speaking of Blog-a-Thons, The Blog, James Blog-a-Thon has moved to coincide with the new release date of Quantum of Solace on the 14th of November. The Blog-a-Thon will now take place November 12th thru November 14th.

3. Lastly, I need to give a shout out to a friend in the blogging biz. As I have been frantically writing for the month of October, Alan at Burbanked has been one hell of a creative springboard for me. In short, I owe him lots and it wouldn't be right to launch the next month without giving him props. Thanks Alan.


Megan said...

If it's Tuesday, it must not be Top 5?

Alan rocks.

Piper said...

I've been kind of a top 5 slacker. Sorry.

Fox said...

Yeah... I want my Top 5 Tuesday!

Maybe I should make one for Megan and I.

Also, will Lazy Eye completely be switching over at the strike of midnight? I can't wait!

Megan said...

S'ok Piper. You rock, too.

Burbanked said...

Getting a glimpse into your particular brand of madness is both my blessing and my curse, Piper. Happy to help and thanks for the kind words, Megan.

Incidentally, did you happen to see my own shout-out for October's EET? As a Michael Bay protagonist would ejaculate, "BRING IT!"

elgringo said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I hope everyone can participate.

Looking forward to some Evil Eye action!

Anonymous said...

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