Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bond-A-Thon Fallout

In case you don't know this already, here are a couple of rules you should keep in mind when hosting a blog-a-thon.

1. Try not to schedule a blog-a-thon when you're on the road shooting TV commercials so you can avoid having to check for updates on your computer in a van that has really shitty wireless service when you really should be watching the commercial that is being shot.

2. Try not to conclude a blog-a-thon on a day where you travel in an airplane for five hours only to get home to pack for a family vacation that leaves early the next morning.

Otherwise, I would say that the Bond-A-Thon was a big success. I received lots of entries from new blogs, familiar blogs and none from Fox who according to his e-mail to me has only seen one and a half James Bond films. The half was due mostly to the fact that his date left because Fox tried the old "buttered popcorn surprise" trick.

I'm still getting my bearings, so I'm slow in reading all the entries.

Thanks to everyone who submitted posts and to all who helped promote this little shindig.


Megan said...

Hey, it's the studio's fault for rescheduling the release date. You knew what you were doing.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

So you wouldn't mind a week late entry?

Fox said...

Why go see Bond movies when you can live life like one? You feel me? Don't be jealous!!!


So I watched all the movies in the past 3 months only to realize your blog-a-thon wasn't going for 007 days.

Thanks a lot!

Oh well. At least I go to see a VIEW TO A KILL. What a great film, no?

Moviezzz said...

Great thon, Piper.

And great commercial too. I just saw it on Youtube.

In fact, I'll go so far as saying it is the finest commercial ever shot.

PIPER said...


Send away if you've got more stuff. Would love to see it.


You know, it occurred to me as I'm doing the Day 001, 002... that I should have made this a 7 day blog-a-thon, but then it would have been going on while I was out of town.

But yeah, that makes the most sense. If you've got more stuff, send it my way and I'll post it up.


It seems like that commercial would just shoot itself, but it took a lot of my concentration and a ton of direction.

R2K said...

: )

Anonymous said...

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