Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thons and The Blogs They Belong To

I wrote about this before the October craziness, but my The Blog, James Blog-A-Thon has moved dates with the new release date. It is now November 12th - 14th. Let me put that in all caps so it's easy and fun to read.


In addition to my blog-a-thon, Dr. Mabuse's Kaleido-Scope is also have a James Bond Blog-A-Thon that is currently going on through November 14th. So be sure to contribute to that as well.

And right now. Right this very minute, there is the Politics & Movies Blog-A-Thon going on through November 9th at The Cooler.


And don't forget about The Universal Horror Blog-A-Thon going on November 7-9 at Careful With The Blog, Eugene. So get on that as well.

So what the hell are you doing reading this? Go and write already.



I just watched every Bond film in a row. It took me a couple months, but I did it and now, I am ready.

For what? I don't know.

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Reel Whore said...

I've started dotting my blog landscape with all things Bond already. I will save the big guns for next week's Thon though!

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...


I have a Blog-A-Thon this weekend, too.

I just suck at promoting it.

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