Thursday, November 27, 2008

Best Oscar - I'm committing to two categories

Best Actor. Sean Penn in Milk. I've seen the trailer. This one is done.

Best Supporting Actor. Heath Ledger as Joker. He deserves it and he's dead.

- Pat Piper


elgringo said...

Now that The Soloist has been pushed back, I think Penn's chances have improved greatly. I can't wait to see Milk, I'bve heard nothing but good things.

As for Supporting Actor, you make one damn compelling argument.

PIPER said...


See here's the thing. If this is truly a post by me, it would say Posted by Piper.

Only it says posted by brian.

So this is how it's going to go, huh?

Anonymous said...

Pat is correct. I wrote it.

I signed it "Pat Piper" because I wanted him to get two Oscar picks right tis year.

PIPER said...

You're probably right about Penn, even though I think he's going to overplay it. But unless there's a huge wave of sympathy for Ledger soon (and I'm not seeing it) I think Ledger will not be in.

Ray said...

Insider Jeff Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere thinks you're wrong about Ledger, and I do as well.

Stop hatin' on Heath, Piper.

Anonymous said...

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