Sunday, November 9, 2008

Past The Noses On Our Faces

I really want to write about movies. I really do. But instead I have to get this out. Blogs are supposed to be therapeutic, right?

It has been an unbelievable past few days and I wish I were referring to Obama becoming our future 44th President. Nope. It’s been unbelievable because I have found myself in the strange position of reminding people what was so bad about the past eight years. Really? I have to do that? Suddenly, everyone’s getting homesick for the worst President in the history of our Country. Really?

I do not have the enviable position of living in an undivided state. And because of this, I have been surprised and amazed by the reaction to Obama winning, handsomely I might add. I can only liken it to the day after a fierce football rivalry where the victory went to the other team. It’s been petty and bitter. Most of it has been on the economy, as if Obama will somehow get us into a worse mess. The spread the wealth mentality has not gone over well. I guess we would rather see our taxes go overseas to fund shabby armor for some kid who is fighting a war that has no purpose.

On the night of the election, I put my hands on my 10-year-old son’s shoulders and I looked him straight in the eyes and I said, “I did not vote for myself today, I voted for you.” It was not meant to be a dramatic exclamation point to the day's events; I just wanted him to know the truth. Because the truth is, I have never voted for myself in any election. I have voted for greater causes that usually did not affect my day-to-day life. So when I’m asked “has the past eight years been so terrible to me” I have to answer no. Not to me. But it sure as hell has taken a toll on our Country. And if we were to stay on this track, I would be passing on mistakes to my children and that is something I cannot live with.

I have been successful in life and in my job not because of George W. Bush or his administration, but because of myself. I work damn hard and in the land of opportunity, I should find success. And it would be wrong of me to vote for more of the same because I was happy with my paycheck. It would be wrong for me to be okay with a government that has taken away civil liberties such as Habeas Corpus with the Military Commissions Act. That has acted as God in deciding Terry Shiavo’s fate. That has stopped Stem Cell research and set us back decades. That continues to pump $10 billion a month into the Iraq war. That ran an election on whether it was right for people of the same sex to share the same legal bond as my wife and me. That held a private energy meeting with the heads of big oil and refused to reveal its outcome. That continued to promise tax refunds while our deficit grew larger and larger. After eight years of this mess, how someone could make this election about himself or herself is unconscionable to me.

I am an idealist in the worst way. And because of this, I don’t understand why anyone would long for the past eight years. Would take comfort in it. Would want more of it. Have we set the bar so low for our highest office? Are we so upset that we have elected a man who wants to inject hope into America, rather than fear? Are we so upset that we have put a man into office that can successfully complete a sentence? It would be easy for me not to care. To let my paycheck be the ultimate judge. To not look past the nose on my face. But I can’t and I won’t. Thankfully, neither did a lot of us.

And our Country will be better for it.


Megan said...

Cheers, Pat. Well said.

Anonymous said...

Are people really longing for the past 8 years? I think you need to stop watching Fox.

PIPER said...


I know it seems like a bad hour on Fox News and I was amazed myself, but unfortunately it's true. Or it is in my corner of the world.

doctawho42 said...

Thats really upsetting people have a longing for that kind of thing.
Nice though, what you said to your son.

Ray said...

LOL ... who in the world are these people with whom you're having these discussions?? If they're "friends," it may be time to get some new ones who might pass an I.Q. test.

You have only touched on a few of the enormous atrocities that this current administration has been allowed to conduct in broad daylight. The American people should be profoundly ashamed that they allowed such criminal activity to go on from their government for eight years - which has torn the fabric of the world asunder - without even FIGHTING it at all.

I mean, where has the Democratic Congress been the last two years ... why haven't they tried Bush and his fucking pals for war crimes or impeachment??? Clinton was impeached unsuccessfully for a BLOWJOB. For what Bush has done, you should be able to have him hanged in the Rose Garden on national television ... just like his buddy Saddam a few years back. Put it on pay-per-view; it might help pay back some of the enormous debt Bush has added to the future of your kids and their kids to come.

PIPER said...


Welcome and thanks for the comment. It is kind of sad. I never thought I would find myself in this position. Never. Ever. Ever. But it has come to pass several times.


Of course you're right. We have attempted to impeach for much smaller reasons and I'm not talking about Bill Clinton's junk.

I would have bored everyone if I would have listed out everything Bush has done to this country.

Emily Blake said...

I was on this board last night where a guy said he closed his business this week because Obama's a socialist and will force his business to close.

Because that makes sense.

Some people need to be afraid to feel normal, I guess. Obama scares them because he's not actually scary.

Marilyn said...

Very well put, Piper. As for the people who are "nostalgic," it may only be because they fear change or fear they will lose the gains they perceive they have made. Like redecorating, they'll find the change jarring at first, and they they'll forget they ever preferred to old color scheme. Well, we can hope, anyway.

PIPER said...


I've heard the same argument several times. Maybe the guy had to close his business because um... let me see here... um.. the economy sucks? And who... um... I'm thinking... who is responsible for that?


What this election has done is put the word 'sacrifice' front and center and people aren't really keen to that. I want government to be my Mommy and make me not worry or case so much. It's crap.

And like you, I hope it ends up that way. I feel confident it will.

* (asterisk) said...

Nicely put, Piper.

MovieMan0283 said...

I also know some Obama alarmists, but none of them seem especially fond of the past 8 years (in fact I don't know a single person who still admires Bush, though I know plenty who voted for him in '04). They're just nervous, or occasionally downright pathological, about the 8 years to come. Despite a few tags they can stick on it, "surrender," "socialist" and the like, it often seems more of an emotional response than an intellectual one. What will be interesting to me is to see where they're at in 2012, presuming Obama has a) achieved some measure of success and b) not installed a communist dictatorship or a pacifist defense policy...what will their reaction be? Will they still find excuses not to like him, or even to be downright afraid?

Seth said...

There are times when I really miss Kansas City. Reading this post reminded me of how difficult it was to be there sometimes.

Anonymous said...


First, I consider myself to be one of Piper's "friends" and last time I checked, my IQ was just fine thank you! Additionally, Clinton was not impeached because he let an intern blow him. He lied under oath. That my friend, is a federal offense. Even my most liberal lawyer friends understand that.

You see, your post is what pisses me off more than the politics of Washington. If someone doesn't share your opinion, they are stupid. Last time I checked, an opinion cannot be wrong, it can simply be differing. I respect other's opinions even when I disagree with them. What I don't respect is when the same is extended.

I voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004 and I cannot wait for the time when he leaves office. I voted for McCain in 2008 and am hopeful more than anything that Obama is one of the most successful presidents in history. Not for me, but for our country. The reason I voted for McCain is on issues that I choose not to discuss on here, not because I feel my opinions are wrong, but because they are issues that are emotional and an emotional discussion is difficult to have on a blog.

Piper, I would challenge you however to check your facts on Stem Cell research. We are not "decades behind." In fact, we lead the world in cures found by stem cell research. The issue is not stem cell research, but embryonic stem cell research and for some, like me, it is a life issue. Bring on the funding for stem cell research, just please don't take a life to do it. Incidently, the score is 72 to 0 in favor of adult stem cell research for cures. Check it out.

Again, let me be clear, I also told my daughter it was a historic moment. I thought Obama's speech was incredible. He was humble, yet hopeful. I am a skeptic, but he has my full support. I do hope, however, he tries to reach across the aisle more than he has for his cabinet. I do not think his pick for COS and potential Sec. of State are very middle of the road.

Just my thoughts!

PIPER said...

I do not have any friends named anonymous. My friends names are Charlie, Todd and Dana. And they are all Republican and yes Ray they are still my best friends even though we differ on our politics. And yes, they are very smart. And what kind of friend would I be if I allowed politics to get in the way of a good friendship? As a society, we do not benefit by surrounding ourselves with people we agree with and who agree with us.

And as for lying, President Bush knows quite a bit about that. And yes Clinton lied under oath but his lies hurt no one but himself and the image of the Presidency. Bush's lies have hurt millions.

In regard to Stem Cells. Yes, there is a difference between adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells and I should have made note of that. But although we lead the world in research doesn't mean that we shouldn't continue to trudge forward. And one wonders the kind of advances we could have made over the past few years if we would have continued with embryonic stem cell research. As of July 2005, 84 families had adopted snowflake babies, yet hundreds of thousands of frozen embryos lay unused. If those lives are worth saving, then save them. Otherwise, allow those lives to save hundreds and maybe thousands more. It is not a "I'm for or against saving lives." No matter what side of the fence you are on, the end desire is still to save lives.

I have no doubt that Obama will reach across the aisle. Based on how often Bush did it, there's no place to go but up.

Anonymous said...

I do agree on there is no place but to go up from where Bush went. Amen to that. Again, as a proud Republican, I am counting down the days....what is it now....8 weeks?

Piper, I love ya man....always have, always will. You're right, you don't have any friends named anonymous, but you do have one named "Elijah Price!" On the stem cell issue, we'll discuss over a beer.

Always keep the faith, keep up the healthy debate and remember....from time to time, I'm gonna be there to bring another perspective.

Peace out my friend! You do have a friend name anonymous!

Elijah Price

Anonymous said...

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