Thursday, November 27, 2008

Movie Game

There are different movie games people play with friends, but I have a particular favorite. I will borrow Pat’s blog to describe it in some detail.


At least five people, better if you don’t know their movie tastes.
A setting that includes food and drink and no rush to leave. On this night, the game was played in a cozy corner in a sushi restaurant in Chicago. Lots of beer and cold sake.

How it’s played:

Somebody throws out a topic and everyone around the table answers.

“Favorite science fiction movie?”
“Favorite action scene?”
“Favorite comedy?”
“Favorite Paul Newman movie?”

The rules:

There are no rules to this game. Other than the fact that it helps if your group actually goes to the movies and that at least someone in your group, in our case – Pat Piper – is outspoken enough to call bullshit on people’s answers.

From what I recall, Piper had WORDS with Ethan over Ethan’s responses:

Favorite Dustin Hoffman movie? “Rain Man”
Favorite Action movie? “Transformers”
Favorite Quentin Tarantino movie? “I HATE Quentin Tarantino.”

The game gets better the longer it lasts. That’s because obvious categories are out of the way and more interesting categories appear:

“Best Clint Eastwood movie, first as actor, then as director?”
“Guilty pleasure movie?”
“Movie nobody at this table has ever seen but should?”
“Best musical score?”
“Best Donald Pleasance movie?”

The game ends when one of the following occurs:

You run out of categories.
You are no longer friends.
The bar or restaurant wants you to leave.


Megan said...

When we play games like that, there is usually a mandatory drink rule of some sort...

elgringo said...

The game I used to play with my friends was to name an actor and then go around the table naming a movie that actor's in.

Jim Carrey
Person One: Liar Liar
Person Two: The Mask

it goes on and on and on with people getting eliminated when they can't think of another movie. The last person not eliminated wins.

Anonymous said...


There's another twist on your version that keeps the game in play longer.

Name a person in a movie.
Next person can name another movie that person has been in, or someone else who starred in the movie (the original movie) , or wrote or produced or directed, etc.

And so on.

PIPER said...

That's the game that Brian and I usually play.

Fletch said...

Elgringo and Anon - a couple years ago, two friends of mine and I tried to get on the VH1 game show The World Series of Pop Culture. (We were among the top 2 of 25 teams for the test portion, but apparently were too boring for the interview. But I digress.)

On the drive to L.A. from Phoenix, we played both of those games. Really made 6 hours go by fast. We also played iPod shuffle Name That Tune. All good warmups.

The only problem is that I don't know enough people that would want to play any of these games with me. Hell, I have two versions of Scene It that just sit in a closet. Bunch of fraidy cats...

Anonymous said...

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