Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Top 5 Tuesdays (T5T) Loves Food

This Thursday, chances are you're going to gouge yourself with turkey and cranberry and stuffing and rolls and mashed potatoes, maybe some greenbean casserole and of course pumpkin pie. And then you'll get sleepy way too early, making you wake up at about 5 a.m. the next morning hating yourself for what you've put your body through. Hey, it's a tradition.

Thanksgiving is really just a blank check to ruin your body with friends and family for about 24 hours. But hey, we're human and we love eating. And more than that, we love a really good excuse to eat. A lot. And when we're not eating, there's some comfort to be found in watching others eat. A lot. So this Tuesday, give me your Top 5 Movies that center around eating.

1. Goodfellas I have often tried to cut my garlic so thin that it practically melts in the pan. And I have failed every single time.

2. Big Night While it's easy to focus on the enormous multi-course dinner, but I am especially taken with the morning after when they make eggs in olive oil and eat them with some bread. I love eggs in olive oil.

3. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
You'll find me by the giant candy mushroom filled with whipped cream.

4. Tom Jones I've never really allowed food to stick around long enough to let it be considered sexual, but the scene between Finney and Redman is good stuff.

5. Steel Magnolias What? He said what? I really, really dislike this movie but I love the scene where they are scooping piles of crawfish, red potatoes and sweet corn for the crawfish boil.


JA said...

Re: Steel Magnolias, there's also that red velvet groom's cake with gray icing so it looks like they're murdering the poor animal (yes, I just paraphrased almost exactly a line from the movie, spoken by Julia Roberts, I have seen this movie a trillion times and I AM NOT ASHAMED)... I always wanted that cake. It looks fucking tasty.

PIPER said...

But did you do it with a bad Louisiana accent?

I too would love a red velvety cake.

And since we're un-ashamedly admitting stuff. I love Tom Skerit in this movie. Shooting birds out of trees.

Fox said...



Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore


Marilyn said...

Great choice for a pre-Thanksgiving T5T.

I'm with you all the way on Big Night, probably my favorite food film.

I love Tampopo for a couple of reasons - it's really funny and I am totally addicted to Asian noodles in their many forms.

I Served the King of England has elevated the food movie to heights never imagined. I wanted to sit down and eat every one of the meals shown in that film.

Chocolat won me over for the sheer creativity of Juliette Binoche's confections.

And how could anyone forget The Freshman and its endangered species food club. Bert Parks singing "Here he is, your Komodo Dra--a--gon" was priceless.

Megan said...

Now you got me thinking, and you know, there is a lot of food in Steel Magnolias!

Big Night - One of my favorite movies.

Temple of Doom - "Ahh, chilled monkey brains." I still can't watch that scene. I'm a wimp.

PIPER said...


How are you are quoting Waiting?

It's so angry!


Ah, The Freshman. What a great choice and one that completely slipped my mind.


While not entirely appetizing, Temple Of Doom is surely infamous for that eating scene.

Moviezzz said...

The only thing I remember about STEEL MAGNOLIAS was the armadillo cake, with the red center.

Anonymous said...

I am inclined to not visit this site anymore. Steel Magnolias? Really?

PIPER said...

Anonymous (Brian who writes for this very blog).

I had a moment of weakness.

Emily Blake said...


Bob Turnbull said...

"Eat, Drink, Man, Woman"

It comes complete with the extra special bonus of having many REALLY good looking women in it. Oh, and it's a damn fine film too.

Another vote for "Big Night". That huge pasta dish he creates that he cuts into slabs (if I remember right) looked phenomenal.

elgringo said...

My number one would have to be Tortilla Soup. Hector Elizando stars as a father whose three adult daughters begin to move further from the family and the amazing dinners he prepares for them. If you haven't seen it, you should. It's a bit corny at times but worth watching when you're in a "heartwarming" mood. Also, it's a remake of Eat Drink Man Woman so if you enjoyed that movie, there's a good chance you'll like Tortilla Soup.

GREAT choice with Big Night. I picked that one up randomly a couple years ago and was really blown away.

Anonymous said...

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