Friday, January 9, 2009

Beautiful Ramblings From A 5 Year Old

The measure of a great screenwriter is the ability to write dialogue. To be real. To be bold. And most importantly to be believable. To be believable, you can't dig deep into the bag of familiar. You have to show an honesty and vulnerability. A few great screenwriters possess this talent.

That being said, there isn't a single screenwriter living or dead that could create this e-mail to me last night as dictated to my wife by my five year old daughter. This is human. This is real. And it's simply too good not to share. Please enjoy.

Dear Daddy,

I hope you had a nice trip. This is your email from me and I hope you had a good flight. See you tomorrow night and I love you lots of love behind all the places we explored today and I can't wait to tell you all about it. Dear Sing and Dear Daddy we've been friends for a while and we've been all around the world. Dear Dad. My friends and I miss you. Daddy and me been lots of places every day and we explored. I'll see you tomorrow night and I loved you all the nights between and I love Daddy and I can't wait to tell you all about the places I've been today dear Daddy.
And me and everybody except Daddy is not here. I hope you can be home dear father daddy all nice to everyone we're all the family members we ever had and we're not the perfect ones dear daddy. Dear Daddy I do not want to waste your time you need to come home soon. All the stories I wrote about you Sing and Father daddy.
I rented all the adventures I wanted to show you all day long but you're not here so I'm writing an email about you Sing story email will be all the delighted emails we had for you every day.
Daddy's big day.
I hope you had a nice day at your place and you didn't know how much you had at your trip so you write all the numbers can you give me some coupons in the mail.


Fox said...

That's very cute.

It's also very stream-of-consciousness James Joyce-ian. Maybe your daughter's a genius??

Megan said...


PIPER said...


Every once in a while, I need to reveal my underbelly and show some cuteness. You know, for the kids.

It is very possible that she may be a genius. I'm counting on it, since I just blew all her college savings in Vegas this past week.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I can only imagine that something like this is ephemerally floating through my 1 yr. old son's head. Of course, if I were to get an email while I'm in Nashville next Monday night, I'd just get a long, spelled out growling sound because that's pretty much what the boy does these days. I blame the babysitter's daughter.

Anonymous said...

Awwww ... your daughter MUST be a genius. At five years old she managed to spell all of those words correctly?!?

Or maybe she already knows how to use spell check ... kids thes days are so computer savvy.

Emily Blake said...

Awww. It's a found poem. From your own kid.

It's kind of like a Sylvia Plath poem if Sylvia Plath was an up person.