Thursday, January 22, 2009

For All Your Movie Needs Shop Smart. Shop S Mart.

Army Of Darkness is probably one of my most favorite movies. And it is one of my most treasured DVDs. There are a lot of versions of this movie out on DVD. It's pretty sick really. And by "sick" I mean fucking awesome.

This is the Standard Edition. Not much here.

Retail Price: $8.99.

S Mart Price: $2.49 plus a free pack of gum. Strawberry flavor only.

This is the Special Edition. 2 Discs. Some say this it's the best edition to have.

Retail Price: Discontinued. Prices range anywhere from $10 to $60

S Mart Price: $10 Bundle with Maniac Cop and Assault On Dome 4

This is the Boomstick Edition. 2 Discs. Not really different from the Special Edition.

Retail Price: Discontinued. Prices range anywhere from $17 to $100

S Mart Price: $16.59 regular price or $8.93 with your I'm A Super S Mart Shopper Card.

This is the Official Bootleg Edition. The Director's Cut. 1 Disc. Great packaging, but lousy edition.

Retail Price: Discontinued. Prices range anywhere from $20 to $40.

S Mart Price: It's a bootleg so you have to go to the counter where they sell cigarettes and ask for Larry. Give him the code word "Henry the Red" and you'll get it for free.

Limited Edition Director's Cut. Probably the coolest looking cover, but the worst edition to have due to lack of film quality.

Retail Price: Discontinued. All prices are around $25

S Mart Price: Free with any shotgun purchase.


Megan said...

One of our top favorites as well. Offspring and I watch it whenever it's on.

Your S-Mart prices had me laughing out loud!

JA said...

That pic at the top completely overwhelmed my thought process with one repeating phrase:


Jonathan Lapper said...

You know, I heard somewhere that Piper over at Lazy Eye Theatre had done it again with a great post about Army Of Darkness. Boy Howdy were they right! You know, I put a clip from this in my final KillFest montage. A killfest montage just isn't complete without a clip from Army of Darkness.

PIPER said...


Glad you liked it.


I like Bruce Campbell a lot. I met the dude and he was as cool as I thought he would be. But considering him "hot"? Not sure about that.


Yeah, there's some guy named Piper really promoting the shit out of my site. I guess I appreciate it but he really is some kind of a freak.

No montage would be complete without Army Of Darkness.

Ray said...

I was so disappointed by ARMY OF DARKNESS. After the brilliance of EVIL DEAD 1&2, I was hoping for a home run. Unfortunately, the film goes way too far into cartoon territory.

PIPER said...


I cannot debate you that Army Of Darkness is deeply rooted in cartoon territory - but that's what I love about it. Evil Dead 2 is a nice balance. But it doesn't have Bruce asking a woman to give him some sugar. And damn, I love that.

Megan said...

I was gonna say "give me some sugar, baby" but I thought people might be weirded out...