Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Top 5 Tuesdays (T5T) Is Boom Or Bust in 2008

Alright, we're still reflecting right? Right? Or have we just thrown 2008 into the toilet along with some poo poo. I'd like to think that with the Golden Globes just ending and the Oscars upcoming that we're still thinking on the past year. So with that being said, give me your Top 5 Best or Worst movie moments of 2008. Could be movies. Scenes in movies. An actor doing something great or something stupid. Could be all good things. All bad things. Or a nicely seasoned mixture of the two with a side of sour dough to soak up all that extra dressing left at the bottom of the bowl. You decide.

As always here are mine in no particular order.

1. The first 45 minutes of Wall-E. Perfect filmmaking, animation or not.

2. The return of Mickey Rourke. You just want to root for the sorry galoot.

3. The end of the writer's strike.

4. Rachel Getting Married. The more time that passes, the more that I think it's the best movie this year.

5. Frank Miller officially taking the directing reins. I'm still pissed at Rodriguez for this.


Anonymous said...

1. The first 45 minutes of WALL-E. I think we've declared to the world that we both love it.

2. The "full retard" moment in TROPIC THUNDER. Perfectly written and performed.

3. Heath Ledger's first appearance at the gang meeting in THE DARK KNIGHT. Scary, funny, and cool.

4. (Tie) Mickey Rourke's performance in THE WRESTLER, (and) the long tracking shot used by Aronofsky in THE WRESTLER as Rourke is descending into the supermarket to work in the deli. Genius, sad, and very, very real.

5. The fight between Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet near the end of REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. It's explosive and dramatic. Leo's best work.

Emily Blake said...

1) The worst moment is when Indiana Jones went flying through the air in a nuclear propelled led fridge. That was the moment when you started to realize this may not be a very good film.

2) I definitely agree about Mickey Rourke. That film was nearly perfect and he was a major reason why.

3) In Bruges made me want to be a better writer.

I can't think of anything else thaty hasn't already been mentioned.

Anonymous said...

@ Emily - I totally agree with you about that Indy moment; I was trying to stay positive and think of the best moments for me ... that fridge moment might be the worst.

Here's a little Top 5 Tuesdays side-competition. Name the top five worst moments in INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL.


1. Indy and the fridge. Awful beyond words.

2. Psychic greaser monkeys assist Shia in rescuing Indy from the Russians. I mean, was Spielberg on vacation when this was shot and edited?????

3. The waterfalls. Freakishly-smiling Karen Allen's tender little neck would have been broken after the first one. Yet, somehow, they managed to survive and stay mostly dry. DUMB.

4. The swordfight in the jungle. Obviously CGI all the way. I enjoyed watching Shia's legs change size as the cars moved around ... apparently a glitch in Uncle George's ILM computers.

5. Ray Winstone's character. How many times did he change sides in this film?? Our beloved Indy would have shot this motherfucking ratfink in the face after the first betrayal.

Fuck I hate that fucking movie.


PIPER said...

Alright I'm game.

1. Shia

2. Shia

3. Shia

4. Shia

5. Aliens

Anonymous said...

Oh Piper, you must have hit your head! Shia over that damn fridge or the monkeys or the prairie dog????

PIPER said...

The fridge and the monkeys and the prairie dog all suck. But I really fucking hate Shia.

Joe Baker said...

Glad to see you coming around to the "Rachel Getting Married" camp, Piper!

PIPER said...

Joseph B.

Yeah, the subject matter still haunts me but the movie has definitely stuck with around in the ole noggin.

But get this, I don't know that I would ever watch it again.