Saturday, January 24, 2009

Clint Eastwood got snubbed.

I watch the Oscars but I don't take them seriously. Not since Dances with Wolves beat Goodfellas.

But I still like to bark now and then about who got left off the list.

I thought Clint Eastwood was tremendous in Gran Torino. I know that Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn are locks, but surely there was a place left for Clint. He is one of the few truly iconic actors left and this might have been his most personal, powerful performance. I suppose you can dismiss Eastwood for not having the range of a Sean Penn, a Phillip Seymour Hoffman or a Robert Downey, Jr, but nobody is a better Eastwood than Eastwood.

I'm pretty ticked about this. If I get an invite to the show, I might not attend.


Ray said...

Brian, are you insane? Clint was better in ANY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE than this movie. Let's see ... he growls, he snarls, he squints. Basically he recycles William Munny from UNFORGIVEN, except without that character's depth or anguish.

I sincerely hope you're joking with this post. People should not receive Oscars simply for being old or respected.

brian said...

I'm not joking but I could possibly be insane.

I do agree on one point. There are elements of William Munny in his character. I don't think Eastwood should win, but I think he deserves a nomination.

I haven't seen Any Which Way But Loose for years. I'll check it out again and give you my thoughts.

Anonymous said...,0,2314630.story

RC said...

I think the Academy's winds are shifting...perhaps there a little less intersted in Woody Allen & Clint Eastwood then they used to be...even earlier this decade.

Ray said...

That L.A. Times review is a joke. Did they even see the movie? Any reviewer who, after seeing this movie, says "it combines sentiment and shootouts" is a liar and completely wrong. This movie doesn't have any shootouts ... although it has plenty of sentimentality. The sticky, gooey kind that makes you want to take four showers.

The movie sucks, and Eastwood's performance is by-the-numbers. I'm so glad it's not up for anything major.

brian said...

Ray, I see you feel strongly about it.

I won't try to convince you otherwise.

Anonymous said...

PIPER said...

Jeez, I go away from the weekend and all hell breaks loose.

Brian, it's nice to see that you've discovered how to upload pictures.

I can't weigh in on this, but I have heard you either like this movie or you hate it. It's either brilliant, or laughable. And I think both sides are well represented here.

Ray said...

@ Piper - I want you to disassociate yourself from anyone claiming this film is brilliant. Afterschool Specials have more realistic plotting and character developemnt.

Anyone telling you that this film is brilliant is actually the Devil taking on human form in order to deceive you. Do not be fooled by their lies!!

Anonymous said...


I didn't say it was brilliant. I said Eastwood deserves an Oscar nod. The fifth slot.

I liked the movie. You didn't. So what?


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PIPER said...


You again?

You still look sleepy. Why don't you go away and get some rest and stop coming around here.