Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Top 5 Tuesdays (T5T) Is Acting All Presidential

We've seen lots of Presidents come and go in the movies and on TV. Some have been good. Some have been bad. And some have been named President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

Today, as we witness the swearing in of our 44th President, give a moment to list your Top 5 Film or TV Presidents. Here are mine in no particular order.

1. Peter Sellers as President Muffley in Dr. Strangelove He was calm. And strange.

2. Dennis Haysbert as President Palmer in 24 About as badass as they come.

3. Martin Sheen as President Bartlet in The West Wing Could there really be a President as smart as he?

4. Donald Pleasence as Mr. President in Escape From New York He was an incredible ass, but how can I pass up an opportunity to give a shout out to Carpenter.

5. Michael Douglas as President Shepherd in The American President There are many similarities between Bartlet and Shepherd, but I feel Shepherd is a bit more approachable. In short, if I got cornered by him I don't think I would get a lecture about the not-so-well-known National Parks throughout our great Nation.


Fox said...

Damn Piper!...

You stole my thunder with your intro!!

#1 is freakin' Terry Crews as President Camacho!

... I'll have to get back to you on the others b/c Camacho is so damn good.

Moviezzz said...

"Of course, I like you Dimitri".

This post and Tom Browkaw's comment that Dick Cheney in a wheelchair looked just like Doctor Strangelove makes me realize I HAVE to see this again. And, for some reason, I don't even have it on DVD!!

PIPER said...


I think I worked out next to Terry in a gym in Scottsdale. I didn't say anything to him because I spent most of the time trying to place him.


I think Cheney faked the wheelchair thing so he didn't have to stand for Obama. The shit.

Megan said...

Totally random thing I learned this week - the guy in Arsenic & Old Lace that played the crazy brother who thought he was Teddy Roosevelt really DID play Teddy Roosevelt later in his career.


I liked Kevin Kline in Dave.

Fletch said...

And here I thought everyone's favorite movie President was Bruce Greenwood's in National Treasure 2...


Ok, then I'm going with Fox.

Emily Blake said...

Dave. I love Dave.

And it's TV but President Palmer on 24 was like the ideal president, except for that stupid wife of his.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

Any president who straight up kills the Duke of New York is A #1 in my book.