Sunday, February 4, 2007

Best Poster Of '07?

I know, I know, here it is the first part of February and some jackass thinks he has seen the best poster of the year thus far. I hate it when a critic prematurely praises a film as one of the best of the year. How does he know that? Has he seen everything for the rest of the year? No, it's mostly just a gimmick so you read his review.

Okay, so I'm the jackass. But this poster is pretty damn good. For several reasons.

First the art work. Yes Pulp Fiction did the pulp-fictiony illustration style before, but it's been a long time and actually it seems more appropriate for this film because of the scandalous nature of the film.

Second the line. "Everything is hotter down South" right next to a picture of Jackson holding a long chain.

Third the title. Who isn't a little intrigued by the title Black Snake Moan? Come on.

Fourth is Ricci. Ricci is all tramped up and in the corner of the magazine, looking all wanting.

So I'm probably premature on my praise of this poster. So what. It's cool. And so is the trailer.

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