Friday, October 5, 2007

Can't Wait For Juno

RC at Strange Culture recently wrote about the Fall Movie Line-up and how it seems to be riddled with violence and dark themes. Agreed, although I am very excited about There Will Be Blood and No Country For Old Men looks be along the lines of Blood Simple, which is a good thing. The one movie RC is looking forward is Juno, directed by Jason Reitman who in my opinion has already bypassed his father's career because it is Ivan who is responsible for Junior. And that movie is so bad, it negates Ghostbusters, Stripes and Meatballs.

Anyway, my only ding on this film is that it looks to trivialize teen pregnancy. To Pretty Woman-ize it if you will. But it's just a trailer so I'm not going there right now. Instead, I'm just excited to see it. Okay, now back to death and dismemberment.


Charlie said...


Man, I expected so much more out of you. You the one who always says there is often more to a movie than meets the eye. You who constantly challenges us to look beyond the surface. And now you take this trailer for face value? Dude, seriously, lay off the fucking weed.

To be honest, I'm thrilled to see this trailer, as I was thrilled to see "Knocked Up." The radical left leaning, self absorbed Hollywood crowd are usually the ones leading the charge at the Pro Choice rallies. Their message, "Got pregnant...terminate!" No muss, no fuss, easy solution. Both "Knocked up" and from what I can see about this movie, that was not an option. In “Knocked Up” she pointedly says, “Abortion is not an option.” They chose to go against the grain and send a very different message...ACCOUNTABLITIY. Wow, novel fucking concept for Hollywood. Yes, I agree it appears to make light of the situation, but you know what, sometimes things that are tough to swallow go down easier with a little sugar.

God help me for saying this, but I'm kind of proud of Hollywood, in this instance at least. At a time where passing the buck is a national past time (i.e. See the Bush administration) now TWO directors are saying, "You know what, take responsibility."

Just my thoughts....


Charlie said...

P.S. I totally agree with you on the Ivan statement. The only thing Junior is good for is cleaning your ass after a night of binge drinking and eating Jack in the Box hamburgers. Oh wait, that is an insult to toilet paper.


Anonymous said...

I dunno ... I think we all know exactly how this movie ends from the trailer - somewhere in Schmalzville and covered in sticky, gelatin tears.

I like Elijah's point, but taken as a movie ... it looks like another paint-by-numbers Litime movie of the week affair with some "Little Miss Sunshine" spunk thrown in for good measure.

Neil Sarver said...

Well, yeah... If it's anything like Thank You For Smoking, it will simply not quite be interesting enough to be worthy of controversy. Obviously, that'd change if it got the numbers of a Pretty Woman, then it'll be worth making a stink about.

PIPER said...


I didn't see it as a political message, but you're right that it's a different one. Not a new one, but different.


This might be a sappy movie, but I'm hooked. It looks good.


Once I wrote this post, I thought about it some more. This is the movie from Reitman that directed Thank You For Smoking. It does seem to be the territory he wants to be in. So knowing that, I'm not surprised by its theme.