Monday, October 1, 2007

Hitchock lives! And so does the Undead.

The Projection Booth is hosting 31 Days Of Zombie where you can write about anything your undead heart desires as it relates to zombies.

Then over at This Distracted Globe, Joe will be writing about a Hitchcock movie a day for his 31 Days of Hitchcock.

Isn't October fun?


Anonymous said...

I see Halloween overtaking Christmas in popularity soon, if it hasn't already. This may be the work of Silver Shamrock or some satanic organization, but I think October allows people to remember what being a kid again was like, without the emotional or financial stresses.

Thanks for the publicity, Pat!

PIPER said...


You might be right about Halloween. I have found myself re-energized as it relates to blogging with this month.

And count on me to be much more of a participant in the 31 Days Of Hitchcock than I was with the Miramax piece.