Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Top 5 Tuesdays (T5T) Is Undead

It's October and it seems for the time being I'm going all zombies all the time. But this Top 5 Tuesdays isn't just about zombie movies. When dealing with the undead, you get to open things up a bit. Death Becomes Her or how about Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King as some non-zombie fare? Okay, now give me your Top 5 Movies about or involving the undead. If you need some help, check out this list.

Here are mine.

1. Dawn Of The Dead The original of course. Still the best zombie movie out there.

2. An American Werewolf In London Griffin Dunn is a rotting corpse with a good bedside manner as it relates to future werewolves. Love it.

3. Return Of The Living Dead This was about as fun as you can have with a horror movie and not hate yourself for it. More brains anyone?

4. Salem's Lot I am having to exclude it from my 31 Greatest Horror Movies List, but it deserves a place among the best.

5. Army Of Darkness My favorite of the Evil Dead series. Shop Smart. Shop S Mart.


Anonymous said...

In no particular order:
* The Evil Dead series
* Shaun of the Dead
* Dead Alive
* Buffy the Vampire Slayer (yes, the movie)
* From Dusk 'Til Dawn

Ted Pigeon said...

I have been debating over whether to watch Return of the Living Dead for many years now. I remember seeing it in the Horror section of my video store, where I guiltily spent quite a bit of time looking at movie covers just like Return of the Living Dead. I knew it wasn't Romero's and by the cover it looked delightfully cheesy, but I never found the impulse to actually pick it up. I'm considering it now...

PIPER said...


From Dusk 'Til Dawn is one of my favorites.


You should check it out. It was written and directed by Dan O'Bannon who is no slouch in the horror genre. Don't go expecting serious horror, just know that it's a good time.

darfnader said...

Also in no particular order:

-Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn

-Brain Dead (aka Dead Alive)

-Shaun of the Dead

-Dawn of the Dead (GAR style)

-And if it could be considered so: Planet Terror

(and if not, since there aren't really traditional zommies in PTerror, then I suppose House of the Dead... no better B zombie movie was ever, or will ever be made... thanks Uwe... plus, Planet Terror doesn't have the word "Dead" in the title)

Andrew Bemis said...

What an underrated movie Death Becomes Her is. So delightfully bitchy.

Anonymous said...


Army Of Darkness??? I am a huge fan of the first Evil Dead, and thought Evil Dead 2 was enjoyable, but unnecessarily a remake of the first. But Army of Darkness was just a let down. It was too well lit, too phony-effects driven, and just too damn silly.

Ya know, the original is actually still kinda scary ... but that absolutely cannot be said for Army of Darkness.

"We're gonna get you ... we're gonna get you ... not another peep ... time to go to sleep..."


PIPER said...


I like the entire Evil Dead series and with the exception of the first, I was not scared by any of them. So while Army will not make my Greatest Horror movies list, it still makes the list of one of my favorite movies. No it's not scary and yes it's too silly (never thought of it as too well lit) but it's fun as hell. This is my Boom Stick!

PIPER said...


And yes Death Becomes Her is very underrated. I still predict that that might have a second wave of popularity. It is still very relevant today and Glen Close and Goldie Hawn are hot as hell in it.

Ted Pigeon said...

I guess I never really "got" Evil Dead 2 either. It was a decent enough movie, with all its weirdness and whatnot, but I just couldn't get into it on the grounds that I expected the same level of scariness that was in the first picture, which I loved.

But Army of Darkness was just perfect. It wasn't even trying to be scary; just a ridiculous movie with a ridiculous premise involving the unlikely fellow from the first two features. It's the definition of cinematic craziness. And I love it.

PIPER said...

Here, here Ted.

I never expected it to be scary. I just love Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi decided all he was going to do was put him in the most ridiculous scenarios possible.

Anonymous said...

Piper -

Um, it wasn't Glen Close in Death Becomes Her ... it was Meryl Streep.

Big difference.


PIPER said...


I can count on you Ray to point out when I look like an idiot. I have no excuse other than I'm not paying attention to what the hell I'm writing.

And yes, there is a big difference.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Piper ... I'm not looking for mistakes. It's just that I intensely pour over every word that you write because I admire you so much ... and so I want it to be correct.

Love ya, kiddo.

PIPER said...

Glad you pointed it out. It's a stupid mistake.

Anonymous said...

Does Frankenstein count as undead? If so, Young Frankenstein is on my list. If not undead, then at least reanimated dead.