Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Open Letter To HBO

To Whom It May Concern At HBO

My name is Piper. You may know me from such posts as My Comedy Penis, I Am Pathetic, and My Marriage Proposal To the Newly Single Kate Winslet among others. But enough about me. I'm here to talk about you. Actually to pitch you an idea. An amazing idea. An idea in which I will take no credit for. An idea that once you hear it, you can run with it, make millions and no one will be the better for it, as long as you send me small checks in the mail. Ready? Here it is.

You know the book World War Z, right? Yeah, yeah, I know that it's "supposedly" in production for a 2012 release, but here me out. No feature will do this book justice. I'm not even sure a trilogy would do this book justice. This needs to be a mini-series. A Brothers In Arms for zombies, if you will. Each episode can be a single story of the zombie wars. A different story each week. With love growing each day for the undead, this idea is a winner. And AMC's The Walking Dead is proving that it can work.

So like I said, just a wink and nudge and go make this happen. I won't tell anybody and you big head types can take all the credit.

You're welcome.


Nayana Anthony said...

I would SO watch that.

PIPER said...

See HBO? Nayana would watch it. And I bet she's got a bunch of friends who would watch it too.

Squish said...

Hear Hear!

Seriously what a great read... HOWEVER what about the whole singlecharactercontinuumproblemwherewenevergetattachedtoanyonecause itsalwaysanewbunchofguys?


I'd still watch it though!

But producers might not. and they pay for these sorts of things...

Nayana Anthony said...

Damn straight I do.

Unknown said...

I thought that Watchmen would have been better as an HBO series too.