Thursday, June 21, 2007

10 Years Later

Isn't it natural to think that we've advanced as a society 10 years later? To think maybe we're a little smarter. A little wiser. A little more experienced.

Then why the hell does the movie Titanic get added to the new AFI Top 100 List?

You can see the list in its entirety over at Film Experience. Nate has done a great job showing what's new and where movies have shuffled around.

All I can say is Good Lord. And to think The Manchurian Candidate, The Third Man and North By Northwest helped make room for that technical turd.


Damian Arlyn said...

Some have theorized that The Third Man was actually more a British film than an American one.

I was sorry to see Close Encounters, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Fargo disappear from the list, but I pleased that Saving Private Ryan and Shawshank Redemption made it on.

The best thing about the list though (for me anyway) was that Schindler's List not only remained in the top 10 but moved up a notch (from #9 to #8). At this rate it'll break the top 5 in another thirty years.

Bob Turnbull said...

Hi Piper,

You've probably already been told, but "North By Northwest" was indeed in the list again.

I don't get "Titanic" either, but I would've been completely shocked had it not made the list. Considering some of the qualification criteria that was used to pare down the list to the 400 films that the AFI alumnus voted on (popularity, cultural impact, awards, etc.), I'd be surprised if many didn't vote for it based on those same criteria. However, I sure could've done without William Friedkin stating that the romance of "Titanic" was what resonated most with the audience and then comparing it favourably with the romance in "Casablanca". Two things resonated with me in "Titanic" - Kate Winslet (sigh...) and Propeller Guy.

If the AFI list simply gets a number of people to watch "Sunrise" who may never have heard of the film previously, then that alone would make it worthwhile.

PIPER said...


I didn't know that North By Northwest was still on the list. That's good news. Still don't get Titanic.

Damian, Saving Private Ryan was a good addition. I'm not so sure I agree with Shawshank Redemption. I think it's a very good movie, but not one for the ages.