Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In Training Once Again

Two Blog-A-Thons begin today. The Ambitious Failure Blog A Thon over at This Savage Art officially begins and The Filmmusic Blog-A-Thon was to begin tomorrow, but it seems Damian has gotten a case of the antsys in the pantsys.

So while I work for these Blog-A-Thons, I offer you this montage from the great, great Wet Hot American Summer.


Edward Copeland said...

I love Wet Hot American Summer, though sometimes I feel I'm one of the few people who saw it and enjoyed it. Glad to see I'm not alone.

Piper said...

You are not alone.

It's one of my favorites. Can't wait for The Ten.

Ray said...

Oh good Lord.

Piper said...

Whasssamadda Ray, you don't want in on this Wet Hot American Summer love fest?

Ray said...

It's not that; I love love fests. It's just that, after seeing that clip, I completely understand why you like the Kansas City Royals.

Does your wife know?

Piper said...


I'm completely comfortable with the gay-undertones of this montage. Including the hairy leg shot while running.

And by the way, you're a little Cardinals bitch. And the Royals are gonna put the turd birds down tonight.

Moviezzz said...

How can you not love WET HOT? It is already a classic.

And we aren't alone. It even made ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY's TEN BEST for the year it came out.

The studio went bankrupt while it was in theatres, so it didn't get the exposure it should have.