Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Love My Wife

I love her desperately. But I'm not made of wood. If these women wanted to entertain a little sack-time with Mr. Piper, I would not, could not say no. And honestly, who would blame me?

Anne Hathaway

Elisha Cuthbert

Kate Beckinsale

Michelle Monaghan

Alyssa Milano

Kate Winslet

Eliza Dushku

Rachel Weisz


Anonymous said...

I am right there with ya.

I hope my wife would understand....i'd give her a free pass at whatever star she wanted....

Garrett Sorrels said...

Interesting post. I looked through each and agreed on all. When i got to to Kate Winslett I was kind of surprised. Not because I disagree but because i have recently become very intrigued by her. My wife and i recently watched Little Children and there were a few scenes in that movie that really intrigued me (the ones she was in nude). Pretty good movit overall

Anonymous said...

I dunno ... I agree with all of your choices, but Jessica Alba in "Sin City" might be as hot as they get.

However, you had better stick to your wife. These bitches will all be crack whores in two years.

TALKING MOVIEzzz said...
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PIPER said...

Last I saw Eliza, she was in the movie The New Kid. Playing... guess what... a cheerleader.


um that's 8 girls

i thought you were only allowed 5 famous people you can be forgiven for?

isn't that like a hard and fast rule?

PIPER said...


Nah. I have to do a shotgun approach. Put out a wide net and see who bites. You flatter me to think I could get five.

12XU said...

sorry pipes, hathaway is gay.