Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An Actual Conversation About Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

GABE: So Dad, that guy is a robot and he's trying to kill them.

PIPER: Yeah, I know.

GABE: And you can't destroy him, he's so powerful.


GABE: And that woman. She is the mother of that guy who all the robots are trying to kill.

PIPER: Gabe, I know this story.

GABE: ... so they're naked when they travel through time. That's weird.

PIPER: Gabe. Gabe. This story is over 20 years old.

GABE: ... that's not that old. Anyway, so the robots looks like humans and have skin, but they're really scary underneath. They've got these red eyes.

PIPER: Gabe. Stop talking. This show is not new. It's based on a series of movies that when you get old enough, we will watch together.

GABE: ... so that kid there is supposed to be the leader of this rebellion. But not now. It's a rebellion in the future.


* (asterisk) said...

Ah, conversations like that are almost worth having kids for. Well, maybe not. But it is funny. I'll stick with nephews and nieces.

Anonymous said...

I think I have a conversation just like that due some time in the future... except the show will be something like "Saw: The Creepy Marionette Chronicles."

brian said...

Gabe may be onto something. Sounds like an interesting premise.

Ross Ruediger said...

My kid's 14 and when we watched the first two eps, his only previous Termy exposure was bits of the third on cable! The next day I went out and promptly rented 1 & 2 and we did a science fiction double feature. He dug 'em, especially (but not surprisingly) the second.

Piper, I was glad to read (per the other T:SCC comments section) that Glau made you meow.