Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Call It

Ever watch one of those hospital TV shows? Where the doctor tries really hard to save the unsavable person? He pounds on the chest (I say he because luckily females have been spared such shenanigans for the most part) and does a lot of mouth to mouth. At first it seems it might be working, but then madness takes over and the idiot has to be dragged from the room. When the unsavable person in the hospital TV show has died, one of the interns says "call it" and then another one looks at their watch and announces the time of death.

Well I don't know if the cameras were still rolling after the Golden Globe 'Announcement' or not, but if they were they would have shown a half-mad doctor running out onto stage to try to revive the Golden Globes, only to finally be torn from the room. A couple of interns then would have come in, pulled off their rubber gloves and called the time of death.

I'm not saying that The Golden Globes won't return next year when the WGA Strike is long over, I'm just saying it will be the equivalent of Michael Jordan playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves. There was a time when The Golden Globes actually seemed legit. They seemed like a good precursor to The Oscars. Or maybe that was just good spin, like when the sports announcers try to get you excited about pre-season football games. But really, The Golden Globes are to awards what In Touch is to magazines. People love the red carpet show, but when the night is over, does anyone really take it that seriously? And come on, what's with the Best Picture in a Comedy or Musical category. This show was creeping into fluff territory before the Sunday night debacle, and now it's there.

Viewership might be back next year, but I'm afraid the luster won't.


Nayana Anthony said...

Kudos on the "Best Musical or Comedy" comment. I never quite understood that.

Pat said...

I don't think the Globes were ever taken that seriously. When I was growing up in the '70s, they weren't even broadcast during prime time (they were on late-night), and no one paid any attention to them. I've always felt their elevation to Major Entertainment Award is somehow linked to the emergence of media outlets like InStyle Magazine and the E Channel - it's one more place to show celebrities in designer duds walking the red carpet.

Piper said...


It's a bit strange that your name is Pat, because that's my name as well. And when I saw that you commented, I thought for a second that it was my comment. But obviously it's not.

Anyway, you're correct and that was really my point. It's always been fluff. People have tried to elevate it past that, but that's all it is. And that's the reason it will continue to thrive because that's what people are interested in.