Wednesday, January 23, 2008



Yesterday, the news came down that Heath Ledger had been found dead in a New York apartment. I have somewhat of a problem when people get all up in arms when a famous person dies. Why should I be upset that Heath Ledger died over the thousands of other 28 year old males? Why does Heath deserve our thoughts or my words any more than any other person? The truth is, he doesn't. Regardless, I still feel bad.

It's not uncommon for us to feel more connected with famous people. We identify them with the characters they play and it's only natural that we think that a little bit of them comes out in each performance. So based on his movies, I liked Heath Ledger. Maybe he was an asshole, maybe he was a very nice man. Maybe he was the most humble actor to ever walk the face of this earth. I don't know, but I do know that Heath showed promise and that's enough. Promise cut down in its prime is truly tragic. And now in his absence, I am forced to imagine what could have been.


Anonymous said...

Often the imaginings of what the young dead might have produced exceed what the reality would have been. Did James Dean really ever have another great performance in him had he lived? Would Kurt Cobain have continued to make brilliant music for thirty more years?

But I believe that Heath was intelligent enough to have produced several special performances in the future. Now we are left with one towering performance, and possibly another unforgettable one this summer. Hopefully that will be enough.

brian said...

If you resisted Brokeback Mountain for whatever reason, now would be a good time to see it. Ledger truly gives a haunting performance.

Bob Turnbull said...

Nicely put Piper...I thought about writing something as well, but couldn't really think of anything more than "I liked some of his films, he seemed nice and it's a shame his daughter will never know him."

I'm pissed off with some of the early media coverage - I just happened to be surfing around when the initial news broke - in particular the dicks over at (since many of the early links pointed back there). Blaring rumours of suicide and pills scattered around the body, they then followed that up with news that since "media reports" had stated it was suicide the family felt compelled to debunk those rumours. Pricks.

I still haven't seen Brokeback, but I'll make some time for it now.

PIPER said...


You're right. It's as they say "great career move". But I don't feel that way about Ledger. He had enough interesting roles under his belt to show that he was no fluke.


I will have to see Brokeback Mountain


So... it's not suicide?

Bob Turnbull said...


I have no idea actually what the cause is at this point (haven't looked much today), but it's almost irrelevant.

Whether their initial guess was accurate or not, they were looking for the big scoop and the shocking story (facts be damned). Those "scattered pills" were actually prescription, in their bottles and simply in several different rooms of the house.

It's nothing new though, so I suppose I shouldn't act surprised or angry at this stage...I hadn't really seen much of TMZ before and I just thought they were pitiful.