Saturday, January 5, 2008


Brian: Pat, you should see Into the Wild. There are some great performances.

Pat: From who?

Brian: Emile Hirsch.

Pat: I heard he was good.

Brian: And Hal Holbrook.

Pat: Yeah, loved him in Wall Street.

Brian: And Catherine Keener.

Pat: I LIKE her.

Brian: And Vince Vaughn.

Pat: Vaughn’s in it?

Brian: Yeah and William Hurt and Marcia Gay Harden and Jena Malone.

Pat: Huh. I thought it was about a guy who got lost in the woods.


Moviezzz said...

The problem is that Hirsch is the focus of the film, yet all those actors are far more interesting than he is.

Plus, much of the movie is just watching Hirsch starve and freeze to death.

I can't really recommend it.

Ray said...

You two have some scintillating conversations, Piper.

I loved the movie for its message - get the fuck out of town and far away from other humans.


Piper said...

Just one example of the deep and meaningful conversations Brian and I have on airplanes. Yeah, I was surprised to hear about the large cast because I really thought it was just this guy out in the wild.

Jim, I'm kind of with you. I haven't watched it because I'm really not that interested in a guy dying by himself.

brian said...

When I read the book (pre-kids), I thought his adventure was kind of noble and romantic.

When I saw the film (post-kids), I thought he was selfish and ignorant and arrogant.

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