Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ah Burbanked, ya shouldn't have

It's a big blogging world out there kids. A big one. Lots of opinions, lots of movie reviews, lots of criticism. Makes you feel kinda small really. So when someone takes note, you're honored, flattered, humbled. All that stuff. And when that someone is someone that you respect, well that's reason to get all tingly good from your head right down to your big toes. I have respected and admired the blog Burbanked for over a year now. I visit often and comment even more. How can I not? Alan's writing is wonderfully flowy good, like a really nice maple syrup that's been heated up a bit - you know the kind I'm talking about. And like me, there's an idea behind his writing. It's not straight up criticism. There's an angle. A personality. And it's that stuff that keeps me coming back. But you can respect someone and not necessarily like them. This is certainly not the case with Alan, as I have communicated with him often outside the blogging world. Alan's a guy that I could hang with. Film blogging is kind of like Internet dating for frustrated movie nerds. If I should ever find myself in the Pittsburgh area, I wouldn't hesitate for one second in dropping him a line so that we could chat over some beers about this crazy business that we get all kooky about.

But enough of my jawing, Burbanked loves blogs and he pays them their due often in his posts or in his multitude of stories on the sidebars. I often write wondering if Alan will come across my post and deem it worthy of 'From The Brains Of Bloggers' - a few sentences that he lifts and links to so that others may share in his discovery. He currently has an ongoing series titled Tales Of Blogging Passion and last night he posted about yours truly. I'm part four of a wonderful group that includes Windmills Of My Mind, The Rec Show and Movie Marking Madness. The praise he showers me with is undeserving, but the passion part isn't. I'm a passionate guy and I do what I do because I love it. And I write as if I were talking to you on a Monday morning over the cubicle wall like I so often do at work. But unlike my co-workers, you have the option of turning me off. Thankfully Alan has not done so.

Please visit Burbanked for a multitude of insight and snark from a guy who can talk about Hollywood as if he worked in it... because he did. And if you get around to it, join me in basking in these few minutes of glory that Alan has bestowed upon me.

Thanks Alan


Burbanked said...


This is all getting a bit mushy and less-than-macho, so I won't go on gushing for too much longer (at least for public benefit *wink*).

But suffice it to say that yours is a site written with a hell of a lot of style and excitement, and for whatever it's worth, I'd want more people to know about it.

Every word was deserved and I do appreciate your reply. Totally Manly Smooches!

Ray said...

You guys are gonna fuck ... I can smell it in the air.

Please don't post the pictures.

Piper said...

Oh, I'm gonna post the pictures. They'll be hotter than Kristin Davis giving a BJ.

Ray said...

Hmmm ... really ... which one of you will be the one giving this particular blowjob?

I think it will be Burbanked giving it. You couldn't possibly be anything other then the top in the relationship with a name like Piper.

Damian said...

I saw that over on Burbanked's blog the other day and I was very happy for you, Piper. You deserve it.

Congratulations. :)