Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Top 5 Tuesdays (T5T) Gets Beastly

Last Thursday we got a dog. I am now a dog person. My moods are now dictated by when our pooch goes poo poo and pee pee outside versus on our rugs. It's a sad life really, but damn this dog is cute. We adopted him from a local shelter and we were told he was a Lab/Retriever mix. Then we were told there wasn't much Retriever in him, but probably some Rottweiler. But then the veterinarian told us that he was more like a Lab/Shepherd mix. Who knows, but his mom obviously slept around. So this Tuesday in honor of our new dog Nutmeg (his full name is Nut Nutmeg Brazil and that's what happens when you let your 10 year old who likes the Brazilian Soccer Team name the dog) I ask you to provide me with your Top 5 Animal Movies. Can be any kind of animal.

Here are mine in no particular order.

1. Jaws Its big and scary but behind those deathly black eyes is a Great White that just wants to snuggle on the couch.

2. Babe: Pig In The City The first one is great, but there's just something about the storybook surrealness of this one that makes me want to watch it again and again.

3. 101 Dalmations One of my favorite Disney movies. Love the characters, the story and the animation. Quite possibly the perfect dog movie.

4. The Beastmaster Oh to manipulate animals for my every whim. That and to bed Tonya Roberts.

5. The Birds I still can't get over how Hitchcock made birds scary. That really is a feat. Seriously, he should have gotten a major award for this.


pacheco said...

Or how about I post movies that have animal names in them but aren't really about animals? Bull Durham? Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? The Mighty Ducks? Raging Bull? Well, he was kind of an animal...

matthew said...

How about:

1. Bringing Up Baby (1938)
2. The Black Stallion (1979)
3. Turner & Hooch (1989)
4. Monkey Shines (1988)
5. Gus (1976)

Garrett Sorrels said...

-8 below
-Project X
-My Dog Skip
-Homeward Bound

Piper said...


Good list.


Monkey Shines is sweeeeeeeet

garrett sorrels,

Project X. Forgot about that one.

Fox said...

1. Sounder (1972)
2. Piranha
3. Jurassic Park II : The Lost World
4. Au Hasard Balthazar
5. Monkey Shines (hat tip to Matthew for remembering this one!)

willy b. said...

I'm sorry, but Babe? The pig? Really?

The only thing Babe did for me was reaffirm my love of bacon, ham and pork rinds.

In fact, after having been forced to watch this wretched screen puke of a movie I escaped to the store and bought the biggest ham steak I could find. Then I relished in gleeful delight with each tug of the knife as it ripped through the pinkish red meat. All the while I was thinking that somehow, in some way, someone had slaughtered that curly tailed talking vermin and had served it up for my enjoyment.

That would be the only way I'd ever get any satisfaction from Babe the pig.

With that said, I'll throw in a few random animal movie faves:

- Every Which Way But Loose
- Planet of the Apes (the original)
- King Kong
- Cat People - mmmmm Nastassja Kinski
- Gremlins

And a crap load of Disney films:

- Ratatouille
- Jungle Book
- Lady and the Tramp
- Fox and the Hound

Piper said...

Willy b,

You sound as angry as me.

Every Which Way But Loose is a good one.

Megan said...

While in the midst of bracket anxiety, this is a nice diversion. Here's mine (again, in no particular order, and leaving out animation as a different category, perhaps?):

Never Cry Wolf (cried like a baby)
My Dog Skip (cried like a baby)
The Bear
The Black Stallion

and kinda cheating but also made me cry like a baby -

Big Fish

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