Friday, June 27, 2008

Celebrating Bizarro

One more day of this bionic eye, green crap and then I'm changing back.

Well, another Bizarro Blog-a-Thon gone by and just as last year the participation and the entries were terrible. So much darkness and hatred fills all of you I just don't know why we all don't explode in a big black gob of goo.

I think it's nice that we all get to take the hair pins out for a few days and really praise some shit out there. Or tear a really fine film to pieces. I think there are times when we all get a little too caught up in ourselves and what we write. Part of reading is to gather information to make our gray matter a little bigger, but it's also to be entertained. That's what movies are after all. Entertainment. So thanks for getting a little weird with me and I hope that everyone got the joke. I already know there are some out there that didn't and I feel very, very, very sorry for them.

But I have some questions for you all and would love some feedback if you have a few moments.

1) Should the Bizarro Blog-a-Thon continue to be an annual event?

(only proceed to the following questions if you answered yes, otherwise GET OFF MY LAWN! I kid, I kid)

2) Is three days enough? Too much?

3) And I'm thinking that maybe if we continue with this, I might have Bizarro awards after the blog-a-thon to celebrate the especially weird. Good idea or the worst shit you've heard?

4) Any additional thoughts would be great.

Be honest and upfront, I have thick skin and broad shoulders, but my thighs are soft and buttery.

That's all. Look for the dumb old Lazy Eye Theatre to be back next week.

And thanks to all who made the internet a little bit weirder for three days in June.



Anonymous said...

Yes, annual.

Three days is fine.

Awards - I'll take all I can get (which isn't any at this point)

You suck!

Ric Burke said...

An annual event please. I thought it was great, or crap (are we still on bizarro hours? Should I set my watch back to normal time?)

Awards would be cool, I'm not sure how you'd go about it though. Maybe best (worst) film praised or worst (best) piece written. See, it's a mind mesh!

Three days seemed a fair amount of time but you can never quite get enough crap. So I'd say more.

Congrats on hosting such a fine (rubbish) blog-a-thon.

Fox said...

1. Very much yes on making BBAT and annual event.

2. I think it could do well stretched to 5 days, or, even a full week. I had some ideas come into my brain a little past the posting deadline... but then again, I wasn't the one hosting it.

3. Awards are always fun!

4. I piggy-back on what Marilyn said...

Megan said...

1) Annual

2) 3 days seems good

3) Are you kidding? I am planning next year's post already - I want a Bizarro Award!

4) I had a lot of fun and I have even more admiration for the film blog world than I did before the event. Great stuff and many thanks Piper for hosting!

Joe Baker said...

Piper... don't kill Bizarro. Let it breathe and live!

Deepest apologies I didn't get to contribute this time around... next time for sure.

Bob Turnbull said...

1) Damn right it better be annual.

2) 3 days is fine, but 4 or 5 would be great. Granted that's more work for you, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that's OK.

3) Yeah, awards would be cool. Totally at your whim. "Most original use of Bizarro construct", "Best Bizarro comment", "Most Brain Warping Statement", etc.

4) Nothing comes to mind...Seriously, it's pretty great as is.

Zola's Movie Pic's said...

1) It was fun, I think - Annual?
2) Time seemed fine
3) Awards? you mean like little silly bloger icons we can proudly dispaly on our pages?? YES YES
4)I don't remember what 4 was?
5)Im not even sure if I did the right thing on Bizarro days - but something tells me there is/was no right thing?
6) I'm rambling - Can I be a link on your page now please? Zola's Movie Pics

PIPER said...

Thanks everybody.

It's kind of a mixed bag on how many days. I only ask because I got the most submissions on the last day which is always a good sign. I might go ahead and make it five. If it's too long, then I'll know like a really bad garage sale that's gone on too long.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

I want awards and three days and all that other stuff, too.

Mostly awards.

Mostly now.

elgringo said...

Annual, if not twice a year.

Three days seemed perfect.

Awards! I think we should have one for this year's entries.

Anonymous said...

Piper: Thanks for hosting this the past two years.

1) Yes.

2) I like blog-a-thons a little longer, and also like the opportunity for people to contribute on weekends.

3) Awards would be fun.

4) I am hungry.

Anonymous said...

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