Monday, June 2, 2008

Yoo Hooo Vaitress. Have Ya Got Any Pretzels?

Damn. One of the greatest comedic talents of my time (maybe our time) died on Friday.

Harvey was middle of the road and twisted as hell. Few comic actors are good enough to walk that line. To live that life. And the comedy never suffered no matter what role he was filling, whether it be on the Carol Burnett Show or in a Mel Brooks film. The headline to this post is a line he delivered as a German soldier in a Carol Burnett Show skit. My next door neighbor and I used to always say that to eachother and laugh about it later. Of course Korman couldn't get through reading it without cracking up himself. That's what I loved about the guy. He loved to laugh. When Jimmy Fallon couldn't contain his laughter on SNL, it always bugged me, but when Korman laughed on the Carol Burnett Show it was like the punch line was delivered. The joke wasn't officially over until Harvey started laughing. And what's strange and interesting is that his break in character never compromised the comedy. It took it to the next level.

Thanks for the laughs Harvey. And that's for laughing right along with us.

Thanks to Burbanked for the heads up on this.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Burbanked for the heads up?
Korman has been dead for about a week.

Anonymous said...

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