Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thars Magic In That There Kingdom Part 1

This commercial is part of a campaign that ran for Disney a few years back. The title of the campaign is "Magic Happens." Funny, isn't it? You see there's this popular phrase with a bad word in it, but then this takes out that bad word and switches it out with... ah you get it.

I will tell you that with over 15 years in advertising and doing about 80% broadcast during those 15 years, real emotion in a commercial is hard to come by. About 98.5% that attempt to drum up real emotion end up coming off like a bunch of posers because ultimately they're trying to peddle some product. This campaign is an exception.

In 90 seconds, it captures the Disney brand perfectly. And so I leave you with this on the day that I travel to Walt Disney World. And no doubt this afternoon I will be covered from head to toe in 70 spf as I swim in the pool at the Polynesian Resort with a perfect view of The Magic Kingdom in the distance.

For more Magic Kingdom Magicness, check me out and other guest bloggers at Film Experience Blog.


Allen L. said...

what did you do in advertising? What are you doing now?

Piper said...

I'm a creative director in advertising. Still doing it.

Anonymous said...

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