Monday, August 11, 2008

The Blog, James Blog-A-Thon

Either I've lost my finger on the pulse of Blog-a-Thons or there just aren't that many any more. Where have they all gone? There used to be one a week and now we're lucky to have one a month. So allow me to do my part here. The Bizarro Blog-a-Thon is playing very well overseas right now. Turns out teenagers and women over 40 just love this Blog-a-Thon. So I'm hoping (cross your fingers) that when I get all the B.O. numbers back the Bizarro Blog-a-Thon will be a blockbuster and will make way for long coattails for me to coast on for years to come. So in the wake of all that success, let me announce yet another Blog-a-Thon this year.

THE BLOG, JAMES BLOG-A-THON November 5 through the 7th.

This date will coincide with the horribly titled Quantum of Solace which is to be released on November 7th.

No matter your age or your favorite film genre, James Bond is a part of us all. No franchise has lasted so long or been reinvented so much. My mind is a whirl with possible ideas because there are so many facets to explore. An entire post dedicated to the best Bond girl. The best Bond name (Dr. Goodhead anyone?). The best chase. The best gadget. The best villain. How Bond continues to evolve with our political climate. How the movies differ so much from the books. And the list goes on and on.

Feel free to e-mail me if you want a reminder. Otherwise, I'll be seeing you first part of November.


Megan said...



QUANTUM OF SOLACE = cool name.

can't wait for this, by the way.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Woohoo, exciting news! I am currently revisiting ALL of the Bond movies in anticipation for the latest. I kinda have no idea why because I enjoy Bond films but don't love them. But, it's been fun so far... up to On Her Majesty's Secret Service so far and will have seen them all by Nov 5/08!

Moviezzz said...

Count me in!

Which means I'll probably forget and rush something the night before.

Blogging is sort of like high school.

Adam Ross said...

"No Mr. Bond, I expect you to BLOG!"

Stupid, I know. But a great idea for a blog-a-thon. I'll begin assembling evidence for my defense of Timothy Dalton.

Piper said...

Call me corny Adam, but I like that line and wish I would have thought of it for the blog a thon title.

Good luck with the Dalton angle. You're such a contrarian.

Damian said...

Great idea, Piper. I can't wait.

I'll begin assembling evidence for my defense of Timothy Dalton.

Dang it, Adam! That's EXACTLY what I was thinking of doing.

I've long been a Dalton fan who thinks his portrayals are very under-appreciated. Besides being arguably the best actor to play Bond thus far, I think his two movies are high points in the whole series. It's funny to me how many people are praising Craig's "tougher" and "grittier" Bond (and deservedly so IMO; Craig is excellent) and yet his approach is virtually identical to what Dalton tried to do 20 years earlier. He truly was a Bond ahead of his time.

Anyway, looking forwward to reading your piece. :-)

WaywardJam said...

I am a Bond fiend...I can't wait for this blog-a-thon to begin!

GC2 said...

I actually like the title Quantum of Solace. It's a different style. Plus, the logo is awesome.