Monday, August 18, 2008


Gee... I'm guessing that when Piper asked me to guest blog for him, he never thought there would be a post about Disney themed underwear.

Well, since it's tied-in to the upcoming film release of High School Musical 3, I thought it was appropriate enough.

It's not surprising that High School Musical promotes itself by making clothes, but it is surprising that the words "Dive In" appear on the front of a new style of underpants for 7-year-old girls. Naturally, parents are upset because they find the underwear sexually suggestive. (The phrase refers to a scene in the movie where kids dive into a pool.) The undergarments are sneakily packaged, too: The words "Dive In" aren't visible until the underwear is out of its packaging, which we imagine only furthers the anger/irritation factor for parents. (NY Mag)

I mean, seriously, what moron just lost his or her job over that brilliant idea??? "Dive In"?!?!? Are you kidding me? These aren't sorority girl sweatpants or bedazzled stripper shirts you're designing here my man, they are undergarments for 7 year olds!

Lordy.... I am so scared to have children.

And what do Zac and Vanessa think about this????


Piper said...

Damn, who knew that Disney was the secret machine behind all those teen pregnancies. You know, attendance is down at Walt Disney World. They probably thought they were doing what was right for business.

Fletch said...

<< >>

Running away...

Fox said...

HAHA!... I hope we didn't just lose Fletch for about a week and a half.

He was probably like "Hey, I'll go on over to good Ol' Lazy Eye and see what nice fun Piper is talking about."...

Then he's hit with bikini shots, panties, Michael Phelps abs, and a fat Tom Cruise!!!

Fletch, just don't pull a Judas on us if someone asks if you know us.

mens underwear catalog said...

disney has been accused for tons of "hidden sex messages" little mermaid, lion king when the leaves fly and it says "sex", poeple are perverted, thats all... maybe disney needs to watch themselves a little more but seriously people.

Great Post,

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