Monday, August 18, 2008


Hello everyone.

You may know me from the comment section...

...but, most likely you don't know me at all.

Which is good, because that means I have no reputation to ruin!

On the flip side, I could ruin the reputation of Piper and his Lazy Eye legacy. That is not my goal. However, it is my goal to have fun and get crazy in someone elses house the way I refrain from in my own.

Let the takeov... uh, fill-in slot begin!

The first time I witnessed Piper all animated & slobbery was when I posted a picture of a hot, bikini'd Helen Mirren on holiday with the guy who directed Blood In Blood Out.

So in honor of that, let's start easy. Easy for me, and easy on y'alls eyes.

Kate Beckinsale on vacation last week in Mexico:

I love that Beckinsale, Milla Jovovich, and Rhona Mitra have set the new standard for female action heroes. Sure, their films haven't been anything yet, but they have an on screen presence that blows away the androgynous vibes of Sigourney Weaver, Geena Davis, and Linda Hamilton... the butchiness of Lucy Lawless, Uma Thurman, and Darryl Hannah... and the WTF?!? of Keira Knightly, Halle Berry, and Jessica Alba.

The new breed are sexy, convincing, and tough. And as much as I enjoy Beckinsale in a bikini, I'd much rather see her in that sleek rubber suit from Underworld. In fact, I'm calling RIGHT NOW for a Hollywood team to produce a remake of Johnny To's The Heroic Trio with Beckinsale, Jovovich, and Mitra. It would be massive.


Piper said...

What kind of a world is it where you post four smoking hot pictures of Kate Beckinsale and you get nothing.

I see that I have cursed this blog for you Fox. My apologies.

My wife and I have an understanding you see. If Kate walks up to me at one of those swanky Hollywood parties that we always attend and she wants me, then I could just walk with her right then and there. I mean, I love my wife but that's frickin Kate Beckinsale.

WaywardJam said...

A remake of Heroic Trio? That would be sweet if done properly. Starting with Jovovich, Mitra and Beckinsale is a step in the right direction.

Thank you kind sir for the pics.

Fox said...

For some reason, many of my celebrity crushes end up being "Kates":

Kate Middleton, Kate Moss, Kate Nash, Kat(i)e Holmes...

But I really like Sophia Bush too.

And Wayward, yeah, I would hate to diminish the awesomeness of the original Heroic Trio - cuz you know that would happen if a remake actually went through - but I think those three lovelies would be a fine fit.

More pics soon... ???

WaywardJam said...

There's a crass joke in there but I'll leave it alone.

My affections aren't corralled into a nice package (I used to fawn over Holmes - until all the wackadoo) I can see the Sophia Bush, she made me tingly watching the Hitcher. My list of hot women fall into those whose names start with letters.

pics are always nice.

Piper said...

I love that. A list of hot women whose names start with letters.

Can someone do me a favor? Photoshop out Kate's top in the second to last picture. The hair draping down, Blue Lagoon style just rocks my world.

Anonymous said...

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