Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Top 5 Tuesdays (T5T) Goes Red

Here's something you need to know about me.

I love redheads. Lady redheads.

A lot.

Bottled redheads. Real redheads. Doesn't matter.

So this Tuesday I want you to give me your Top 5 Redheads in movies. Can be men or women.

  1. Julianne Moore
  2. Tawny Kitaen
  3. Anne Margaret
  4. Lauren Holly
  5. Kirsten Dunst


Anonymous said...

Me likey red head ladies to (I'm married to one)! Angie Everhart, Bryce Dallas Howard, Nicole Kidman, Rose McGowan (i think she is a natural redhead) and I will have to repeat Julianne Moore.

PIPER said...

Angie Everhart is a good one. And I forgot Rose McGowan. I figure if I can picture her as a redhead, whether she is or not, that's good enough for me.

Adam Ross said...

Piper, I like the blog -- thanks for finding mine. I'm starting a big project on DVD Panache that would profile movie bloggers based on their film tastes and dislikes. I couldn't find your email, so shoot me a message if you want to know more about Friday Screen Tests.


cheepcheep said...

I'm redheaded myself and was under the impression that people thought redheads were weird/awkward looking, so it's good to see that some people actually dig us. Word.
In no specific order:
1. Kirsten Dunst. She's a babe regardless of hair colour, but the red is fantastic.
2. Thora Birch
3. Nicole Kidman
4. Molly Ringwald...not a babe, but totally rad.
5. Lauren Ambrose, who is adorable.

I personally think guys with red hair are adorable, too, but there are no notable redhaired actors. Boo.

UrbanGroove said...

Let me list for you a few of the MANY notable male redheaded actors I find very fetching...

1. Ewan McGregor: Trainspotting - need I say more?

2. Eric Stoltz (personal favorite Stoltz role - Jamie's ex on Mad About You)

3. Robert Redford (yes, he really is a redhead)

4. Philip Seymour Hoffman - loved him in Talented Mr. Ripley...

5. Spencer Tracy - wow. What a man.

6. Rupert Grint - Yes, I know the "ewww - he's jailbait" factor is high here, but mark my words, Harry Potter's bff will only improve with time.


PIPER said...


Thanks for mixing it up and showing a little love for the ladies by showing some love for the men.

Anonymous said...

how about ann margaret?

Anonymous said...

ummmm renee russo