Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Top 5 Tuesdays (T5T) Talks During The Movies

Let's talk narration for a moment.

A lazy filmmakers tool for when he/she can't tell a good story? Sometimes.

Sometimes it's as central to the movie as the main character.

And sometimes that certain voice adds a little something to give it personality.

So give me your Top 5 Best Narrators. Here are mine.

1. Alec Baldwin in The Royal Tennenbaums Sophisticated in a tongue and cheek kind of way. He was unexpected and that's why it's number one.

2. Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption Man, what can I say about this except his voice is incredible. A true storyteller.

3. Robert Redford in A River Runs Through It Again, he's a storyteller. His voice is warm and tragic. It perfectly captured the theme of the movie.

4. Harrison Ford in Blade Runner The Director's Cut of this film cut it out because the only reason it was included was because the production company didn't believe people could track with the story. But again, his voice was unexpected and not as polished as it should be and I think that helped tell the story of the character.

5. Boris Karloff in How The Grinch Stole Christmas Is there a more sinister voice that so perfectly captures the evil glee in which the Grinch does his business? I don't think so.


garrett said...

Five! C'mon. Here are two favorites.

Virgin Suicides - Giovanni Ribisi, a pretty big name for not once showing his face in the movie. I love his narraration, and the whole movie.
Princess Bride- The Grandpa reading the story to his grandson when hes sick. I myself watch this movie when I'm sick.

PIPER said...

Both great examples. I forgot about Giovanni. That's another unexpected one. I opt more for the more human narration. It seems more honest.

garrett said...

I think Alec Baldwin in Tenenbaums is hard to top. His voice adds something so special to this movie. Especially the beginning when he goes one by one and introduces each character. Thats got to be my favorite part, ending with Mordichi being set free.

sammyray said...

Don't know if I can come up with five. Two more I liked in addition to those on your list would be Jean Shepherd from "A CHristmas Story," and the guy playing the older Watson from "Young Sherlock Holmes."


PIPER said...


A friend of mine last night mentioned A Christmas Story and I couldn't believe I missed it. Great call.

none said...

Sam Elliot in the The Big Lebowski

Jean Shepherd In A Christmas Story.