Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Top Five Tuesdays (T5T) Name Drops

There have been some great characters in movie history. And some even better names. So this Tuesday, give me your top 5 movie character names. And make 'em good.

Here are mine.

1. Snake Plissken - Kurt Russell from Escape From New York

2. Keyser Soze - ??? from The Usual Suspects

3. Vince Vega - John Travolta from Pulp Fiction

4. A tie between The Humongous - Kjell Nilsson from The Road Warrior and Master Blaster - Angelo Rossitto and Paul Larsson from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

5. Sickboy - Jonny Lee Miller from Trainspotting


Anonymous said...

Dinosaur Bob played by Jeffrey Comb (jeffreycombs.com) in Love and a .45.

Not the best movie but I think the character was purty cool. Plus J. Combs is always wonderfully creepy.

Burbanked said...

1. The Sundance Kid
2. Neo
3. Marty McFly
4. Lloyd Dobler
5. Count Dooku

Oh, wait a minute - that last one is the most idiotic character name. Sorry about that.

PIPER said...

How about Lane Meyer from Better Off Dead?

Lane Meyer a study of complete Mopishness.

UrbanGroove said...

OK - so I know this is obvious. I feel, though, to omit this subcategory would be a mistake... wait for it...


1. Doctor No
2. Jaws
3. Tee Hee
4. Hai Fat
5. Oddjob

immediately followed by


1. Pussy Galore/Octopussy (I felt these two should split the top billing)
2. Xenia Onatopp
3. Honey Ryder
4. Holly Goodhead
5. Plenty O'Toole


PIPER said...


It had to be done. Glad you did it.

garrett said...

These arent the best names but are names that for one reson or another have always stuck out to me.

1.Chest Rockwell (Boogie Nights)
2.Bernie Lomax (Weekend at Bernies)
3.Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn (Major League)
4.Robert Paulson (Fight Club0
5.Chet (Bill Paxton - Weird Science)

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Dr. Hfuhruhurr from The Man With Two Brains. "It's spelled just the way it sounds!"

Adam Ross said...

I went to college with a Plissken, once I smartly asked if he ever went by the name "Snake" and he told me that actually his father was the inspiration for that character name -- he went to college with Carpenter and earned the nickname "Snake" after crawling through a window trying to elude authorities.

PIPER said...

Adam, that's a kick-ass story.

Anonymous said...

I've always been partial to Lloyd Dobler, Spicoli, Bob Maloogaloogaloogaloogalooga (Big Man on Campus) and Dudley 'Booger' Dawson. Ah, the 80's, where awesome movie names were truly born.

- The Jay