Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Top 5 Tuesdays (T5T) Makes A Comeback

In honor of the Boise State/Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl game last night this T5T is about comebacks. If you didn't see the game, Oklahoma was down the whole game and came back not only to tie the game, but take the lead with under a minute left. Then Boise State came back. Then Oklahoma came back and then Boise State came back again to win in overtime. It was one of the, if not the best football game I have ever witnessed.

So for this T5T give me your top five comebacks in a movie.

1. Robocop Peter Weller left for dead, missing most of his limbs comes back as half man/half robot to put his robo-foot up the ass of some bad guys.

2. Rudy Dude, tell me you don't cry "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy" any time you face impossible odds.

3. Pulp Fiction Incredible film that marked the rebirth of John Travolta. With the success of that movie Travolta was able to move on to even bigger, more important films like Battlefield Earth.

4. Miracle America overcomes impossible odds and sticks it to the Ruskies.

5. Road House Shit yeah. Swayze creeps into a no-name Missouri town and with the help of Sam Elliott gives the Double Deuce Saloon a remake and beds Kelly Lynch in the process.


sammyray said...

Well my favorite comeback was in this excellent porn starring Peter North, but that is another story entirely...

5. Star Wars - Alec Guiness, whose career had stalled somewhat through the late sixties and early seventies, returns to the screen in a brilliant performance.

4. Fatal Attraction - Tell me Glenn Close rising out of the tub doesn't freak you out.

3. Avatar - James Cameron returns to actual filmmaking. I am sure it'll be brilliant.

2. Aliens - When the Alien Queen bursts through Bishop's chest, clearly still in a fightin' mood.

1. Alien - We think Ripley is safe, and then BLAM! the alien's arm bursts out in front of us. HUGE scare.

I like sci-fi, ya think???

garrett said...

Here are some of my favorite comeback movies.

1. Kill Bill Vol. 2 - There are some mega comebacks in both volumes 1&2 but my favorite is when Uma punches through a buried pinebox, and crawls through 6 feet of earth to ultimately Kill Bill and get her daughter back

2. King Kong- I enjoyed the remake immensely, way to bring Kong back onto the big screen.

3. Christine- Not a huge fan of the movie, but you have to give the car some credit. It has so much heart. Even after being demolished, it’s still ready to get back out there peel out.

4. Goonies- These kids steal just enough jewels from one eyed Willie to keep Mr. Perkins from buying taking their families property and forcing everyone out of Astoria. Lesson: If you’re ever in need to save a loved ones home, get off your ass and go on a treasure hunt.

5. Rocky IV – Balboa is getting slaughtered by Drago but Rocky proves that size and raw force has no match against heart and the USA.

PIPER said...

Thanks Garrett. Love the Christine example. That car just keeps coming back.

Becca said...

Roadhouse...man...all I remember about that movie is one line..."They're tryin to hijack the load". Taken out of context it's pretty nasty.

I can only think of a couple but since you asked...

Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride- Down for the count, nearly beaten Inigo comes back to finally get his revenge against the man that killed his father.

Liam Neeson as Rob Roy in Roby Roy-Man the sword fight at the end of the movie makes the whole thing worth watching. I won't give away the ending but it's awesome!