Sunday, May 13, 2007

Again With The Blog A Thons

There are a couple of things happening here that I wanted to make note of. It's more of a blogging post then of a movie post, but when I wrote my story about the Time article, Neil over at The Bleeding Tree added his thoughts and said that what Time missed in their lazy reporting was a story about Film Blog-a-Thons. He said that was the new phenomenon and that "fanboyism" (good lord I really hate that statement) was a bit done to the point of being crispy. And I thought that the Blog a Thon would make a really good story.

Meanwhile, Filmsquish recently traced the history of the Film Blog-a-Thon. It's a very interesting article and fun to see how it became (Showgirls was the inspiration. But isn't it always) and where it's gone.

So there you go. The beginnings of one hell of a story. Is somebody going to run with this?


Ray said...

Awesome article!! seems like blog-a-thons have been around much longer than that ... maybe it's because of all of the typing :)

Squish said...

Thanks for the plug Piper, and I'm including your John Carpenter 'Thon as we speak!