Sunday, May 6, 2007

How Good Is This Trailer?

So I saw this trailer before Spiderman 3 and I was blown away by it. The movie is titled Across The Universe. At first it seemed that this was going to be a traditional period romance. But watch the last 30 seconds of this trailer and you know it's anything but.

I have been tricked by good trailers in the past, and perhaps I have been again, but I have never seen a trailer set me up for one movie in the first part and then set me up for a completely different one in the second.

In short, can't wait to see it.


Ross Ruediger said...

Piper -

I've been looking forward to ACROSS THE UNIVERSE since it was first announced seemingly ages ago.

The trailer is great and I hope the movie delivers some goods. Julie Taymor's a fine director, and my hope is that the film dishes up a great storyline around/into which Beatles tunes are woven.

Yet there is behind the scenes controversy.

Moviezzz said...
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Sheamus the... said...

it could be...amazing.

Piper said...


I was leery that Joe Roth was "experimenting" with the film but then I remembered that Roth directed Nerds In Paradise and then suddenly I felt a warm blanket of relief come over me. He should be handling all movies from this day forward.


Haven't seen any of her work but this trailer really intrigued me.

bird flu said...

WOWY wow wow. If it's not another Moulin Rough!, it could be good.