Sunday, May 13, 2007

Plot Farm 1.3

Okay, it's been awhile so let's kick Plot Farm back up. I give you ten words or phrases and you create a truly original movie plot from them. You can keep it short and sweet or make it as long as you want and remember, you don't have to use all the words or phrases if you don't want. If you need or want some help, check out past posts here, here and here.


Plastic comb

A Flashlight


A fuse

The 1950s


An engraving



Good luck.


Damian said...

This sounds like a blast. I think I'll give it a try.

Retired 1950's Baseball player Reggie Vasser lives alone on a farm where he spends his days tending horses and reminiscing about the good old days. He particularly likes to sit in his big easy chair in his undershirt and suspenders with a beer in his hand gazing at a golden plaque (bearing his name) on the far wall, an engraving that reminds him that he has made it into the baseball hall of fame.

One night, while gurgling some mouthwash in his bathroom before going to bed, he hears a noise in the barn. Looking out the window he notices all the lights in the barn are out except for a soft, greenish glow. He grabs his flashlight and goes out to check, but finds nothing there. After messing with the fuse and turning all the lights back on his eye does fall upon a small plastic comb resting on a pile of sand-bags. He has no idea where the comb came from. It's certainly not his. He brings back to his bedroom and lays it on the dresser beside his bed. When he awakes the next morning and looks at himself in the mirror he decides to use the comb to smooth out what little hair he has left on his head. What he doesn't realize is that the comb has an unintended side effect on those who use it. He starts to notice a bizarre change in himself. Whether this change will turn out to be a good thing or a bad thing, though... remains to be seen.

There we go. Don't know how good or original that is, but it was certainly fun. :)

Piper said...

That's cool Damian. Glad you liked it. I thought it time to bring it back.

I like the magic comb idea.

The Mexican said...

The sand’s of time have vanished! And it’s up to the Orduna Clan to put away the plastic comb for a little bit and turn the flashlight onto the evil doers for one comical ride that needs mouthwash to be retold!

A fuse of epic proportions is about to ignite the lights of the federal buildings of The 1950’s and the Orduna suspenders are not working as they used to be. An engraving leads Sir Jorge to find that Major League Baseball has been behind a sinister plot to ruin the Kentucky Derby!

Meanwhile the rest of the clan must stop the evil Dr. Evol (played by Bruce Campbell), from turning the Horses into glue!

A tale of epic proportions, and even grander production!

The Sir Jorge Plan is set for filming early 2008.

pacheco said...

Skippy Skiles, a sports fanatic since the 1950's, is ready to hang it all up. After decades of loyalty, Skippy has lost hope for baseball and the so-called "steroids era." One night, while gargling mouthwash, he notices an acute stinging in the back of his throat.

Shining his flashlight, he engraving! It looks like a baseball with a fuse sticking out of the end. Does the prophesy the self-destruction of America's favorite pasttime?

Determined to purge the sport with fire and brimstone, Skippy Skiles sets out on horseback. Galloping on field and pulverizing steroid-ridden phonies with huge bags of sand, Skippy seeks to bring baseball back to its glory of the 50's. But will he defeat his arch-nemesis, Barry Bonds, before he shatters the most revered record in all of sports -- the Home Run Record?!


You can tell what's on my mind.

Moviezzz said...


The wind is blowing on a seemingly abandoned farm. The sand is blowing where the crops used to be. The camera zooms toward the window and in a single, uninterrupted take we are


A MAN is in the bathroom, in front of a mirror. He is using a plastic comb to comb his hair. He uses some mouthwash.

He leaves the bathroom, and heads down the stairs.


The man is heading down the stairway. He goes to turn on the lights, but they don't go on.

MAN: Dammit! It must be a fuse. What is this, the 1950's? I didn't think fuses were supposed to blow this often?

There is sunlight shining in from the window. The man fixes his suspenders and looks in the mirror.

He notices the engraving at the bottom of the mirror "Take good care of the farm".

He starts to cry as he heads down the stairs.


The man enters the kitchen. Outside, he hears a baseball game in progress.

He looks out the window, and his horses are in baseball uniforms, in the middle of a game.

MAN: I've got to quit drinking.


Piper said...

It's the 1950s and Jeff Franklin has worked tirelessly in his shed. He has discovered something remarkable. Something unbelievable. Something incredible. By rubbing a plastic comb back and forth across a fuse while pouring mouthwash over it (the minty kind of course) he is able to create a small portal into another dimension. A portal that sustains itself for hours at a time. Something so simple, so strange in its combination is able to do something so amazing.

And now the unthinkable has happened. While playing baseball, Jeff's young son Adam discovered the portal and walked inside. It has been a few hours since Adam was last seen and now Jeff faces the bright red lights of the portal, ready to cross into the the unknown armed only with a flashlight. His wife stands behind him holding onto his suspenders, unable to decide if she should let him go.

J.D. Judge said...

I don't know, but I keep think Larry King + Spaceballs + Back to the Future + A League of Their Own + Scarlett Johansson. Make sense of that (hehehe)