Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Bit Of DVD Bragging

I came across such an incredible deal on three movies that I just need to brag about it a bit.

On Monday in a BigLots! store, I was perusing the DVD selection coming across no-name actor after no-name actor. I think there were some brothers and sisters of famous actors. And then came the first find.

That being documentary The Kid Stays In The Picture for $4. The heart began pumping a bit faster and I thought, I should continue to search among the soft-core titles like The Sexologist in hopes that I come across even sweeter fare. And then came the next find.

Greetings, one of Brian DePalma's first films starring Robert DeNiro for $3. I began frantically searching then, throwing sucky DVD's off the shelves and on the floor in hopes of finding yet another treasure.

And there it was. The final find was A Shock To The System, the wonderfully dark comedy starring Michael Caine for $4.

Three great movies for under $12. It ain't much but it was nice for me. I guess I'm easy that way. I haven't opened them yet for fear that there aren't actually DVDs inside.


Moviezzz said...
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Adam Ross said...

Costco has some unbelievable deals every now and then. Warner's Controversial Classics set couldn't be found anywhere online last year for less than $70, but I bought it at Costco for $42! The wondrous Alien Quadrilogy set still sells for $70 many places but Costco occasionally has it for $32. And after stupidly paying $42 for the new Rio Bravo ultimate edition, I saw at Costco last week that you can buy that set AND The Searchers Ultimate as a $40 two-pack.

Piper said...


Didn't see the 50 packs. I would have snagged those.

I had no idea there was a Tim Matheson/Jim Belushi movie.


I'm going to have to check out Costco. There really isn't one very close to me, but it would be worth the drive for a sweet deal on some DVDs.

* (asterisk) said...

I bought The Alien Quadrilogy last summer for £19.66 (just shy of US$40). It was a soccer World Cup promotion, 1966 being the last (and only) time England won it.

I haven't seen A Shock to the System for years, but it's a great movie. Good purchase, Piper.