Thursday, February 28, 2008

In honor of Piper’s vacation, I ask you to post your favorite vacation movies. Mine is “Vacation.”

It came out nearly 25 years ago, and yet “Vacation” still stands as my favorite vacation movie. It features Chevy Chase when he was still funny. The simple plot shows the Griswold family embarking on a summer trip to Walleyworld.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it but I still remember:

Randy Quaid as Cousin Eddie. He’s the original redneck. Clark tries to be hospitable in spite of the fact that Randy’s kids make out with each other.

Aunt Edna tied to the top of the station wagon.

Clark falling asleep and driving through most of Kansas.

Clark attempting to dance seductively for Christie Brinkley.

The vacation destination, Walleyworld is closed so the Clarks need to find a way in, even if it means tussling with John Candy.

“Vacation” didn’t take itself seriously, which is precisely why it was good. “Caddy Shack” is another that went for jokes over any kind of message. I miss those kind of movies.


Burbanked said...

Hard to conjure up a better vacation movie than VACATION, Piper, so instead I'll do something absolutely self-serving in order to help your readers through this difficult time when you're away from posting: I'll direct them to my site where Cousin Eddie features prominently in my landmark-in-my-own-mind post Burbanked chooses The 10 Most Greatest Movie In-Laws, Ever!

Have a terrific vacation, amigo!

Fletch said...

The Heartbreak Kid.

Kidding - I haven't even seen it.

It is indeed hard to top vacation. At 31, I still enjoy Home Alone, though that's not much of a vacation movie, per se. Planes, Tranes and Automobiles is a travel movie, but I think it counts. Road Trip has its moments, but pales next to Vacation.

I'm really drawing a blank for good vacation flicks...uh, Into the Wild? ;)

Burbanked said...

Actually, Piper, you may have inadvertently stumbled onto something here. VACATION is the most obvious vacation movie, but if you do a keyword search on IMDB for "vacation", you actually get back a lot of horrible movies. Could it be that VACATION is the only good vacation movie?

Take a look at some of the results, in date order from most recent:

And I think it would be a good idea to stop right there.

Eddie Hardy said...

SUMMER RENTAL. All day everyday. Unless I feel like watching EUROPEAN VACATION.

Eddie Hardy said...


Fox said...

The Darjeeling Limited!

PIPER said...


Brilliant diversion whilst I was away. And that list on imdb is terrible.

Ed Hardy,

So Summer Rental or M Hulot? Hmmmmm.

My pick would have to be Fandango. It has always held a special place in my heart and who doesn't want to take a roadtrip like that?

Thanks Brian for the post.

Eddie Hardy said...

Well, John Candy is no Jacques Tati-- but Jacques Tati is no John Candy. If you see my meaning.

Stacie Ponder said...

I'd say Evil Dead, but then we'd have to get into "What constitutes a vacation? Is there a minimum number of days required, and would a 'weekend away' count?"

That said, Vacation fucking rules. It's just so perfect. At last, a movie love from my youth holds up!

Anonymous said...

My vote definitely goes to Under the Tuscan Sun.

Anonymous said...

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