Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shout Outs Week Of 2/18

There's some fun stuff going on around here that I think you all should know about.

Lucas McNelly of 100 Films has his short gravida on MySpace TV as part of the Now Film Festival. Check it out and vote for it.

Welcome To L.A. has been hosting a Burt-A-Thon for some time that you need to check out.

Silly Hats Only is hosting the Muriel Awards and it's the Guinea Piggiest.

Bemis at Cinevistaramascope has written a wonderful piece on true romance in Cinema.

And Nathanial and clan are counting down the most anticipated movies of 2008.

And more Oscar bizness to come from me soon.


lucas mcnelly said...

thanks, piper

Megan said...

merci , gracias, danke, kamsa hamaida, domo arigato, etc...

Anonymous said...

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