Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Crumbs

I have an Oscar party every year. I know, I know that's a really good idea because no one else has ever thought of it.

Last year due mostly to the fact that my wife was out of town and you know, I'm a guy so I'm worthless planning anything without my wife, I decided to make the Oscar party pot luck. Everyone brings a plate themed after an Oscar nominated movie or actor, or editor, or whatever. A brilliant idea born out of laziness.

So here's what we had last night. Some pretty good themes. Please hold your applause until the end of the show. Thank you.

I provided a frosty case of No Country for Old Milwaukee Beer.

My wife made some Bruschetta which had no theme so I named it There Will Be Bruschetta. Actually, if you wanted to, you could have had an entire party themed around There Will Be Blood. There Will Be Tortilla Chips. There Will Be Chardonnay. There Will Be Frosted Cupcakes. There Will Be The TV Over There. In addition to the Bruschetta, we also had shrimp which I named Clooney Cocktail Shrimp.

My friend Celeste also known as Average Jane brought I Drink Your Milkshake Cake from There Will Be Blood which was incredible. It had about every dairy product one could muster into a cake. It tasted like custard with frosting.

Jeremy of The Martini Shaker brought little weiners wrapped in bacon and called them Sweeney Todd Bloody Fingers.

Some other highlights.

There Will Be Blood Sausage regular hot dogs injected with mustard dyed red. They were wrapped in blankets. They squirted when you bit into them and the red dye was a little nasty because it looked like really bad fake blood, but if you just closed your eyes, who doesn't love a good pig in a blanket.

Ratatouille which was very good.

Tang in case anyone thought they were pregnant and needed to pee on a stick.

Remy's Cheese Plate and Crackers for Ratatouille.

Atinmint a plate of assorted after dinner mints.

And here's the orchestra swelling so I better hurry up. All in all a good party and a good Oscar Night. Tilda was a nice surprise. Glad Juno didn't win any more than Original Screenplay. Had my fingers crossed that that P.T. Anderson might win Best Director, but was perfectly happy with the Coens. Alright, I'm getting off. I thought Jon Stewart was good and only awkward a few times. Okay, okay I'm leaving. One last thing... right after I'm done with Julie Christie, I'll have Dame Mirren as well.


Adam Ross said...

Sounds like a great party, just be glad I wasn't there because I would have brought Clorox bottles filled with beer.

Megan said...

At my house, There Were Nachos.

Average Jane said...

According to my husband, the leftover cake was even better on Monday night. I may have to add it to my regular party dessert rotation.